Mosey to Modoc

Travel Journal – July 1, 2015

When making my reservations for my Georgia stay, I wasn’t entirely sure when I would be arriving or how long I would be staying. I did know I wanted to secure the Fourth of July Holiday due to the demand. My friend Cheryl, had suggested the Petersburg campground, which is an Army Corp of Engineers property. When I booked it, even months in advance I had trouble including the weekends. It’s a very popular spot on Clarks Hill Lake. I finally jockied the dates and sites around and secured the two week period from July 7th through the 20th. I then found a nice Campground which is on the same lake, but the other side in South Carolina. Score! I was able to book the July Fourth Week at Modoc Campground.

Camp Aiken - We are in the back

Camp Aiken – We are in the back

Since Jagger and I ended up arriving in Georgia June 24th, I had to scramble to find additional stays to match our need. Hence the week stay here at Aiken. It turned out to be a pretty quiet camp, once I found it and settled in, but today we are moving to Modoc Campground. There we will be staying a week before moving to our Petersburg camp.

The Drive
Drive to Modoc

Drive to Modoc

Our drive is the best, uneventful. It’s only a hour and a half when we pull up to the Gate. I meet the Hostess at the window. A very talkative lady displaying all the southern hospitality you would expect. For the life of me I can’t remember her name, I didn’t write it down 😦 Maybe Cheryl can chime in here, if she remembers. She visited this campground several times for barbeques and just to enjoy the lake.

When I pull up to campsite #7, I am first taken back on the beautiful view. It’s right on the lake, as are all of the sites here. Most of the sites are huge and very private.

I next notice the place where I must park the Coach. I can’t even describe it. After many tries at leveling in between trees, I park with one set of tire up on a number of blocks. Don’t ask me how I jockied that one, because I probably couldn’t repeat it. We are in fact level though and we have a wonderful view of the lake.

Evening Peace

Evening Peace

As the sun sets on our first night here, I again find myself admiring God’s Creation in front of my home, overlooking the most syrene place you can imagine. I could never afford a view like this, but here I am tonight on the lake.

Until next time, Safe Travels…Gary

More Photos: Modoc Campground

3 replies

  1. It was hot and humid, but not unbearable, especially with our Coach AC to escape to. Most of the Modoc sites are right on the water. Some with the ability to dock your boat. The views were awesome and most of the sites are somewhat private. Winfield and Petersburg were nice campgrounds too and cheaper than most. Water and electric with a Dump Station.


  2. We plan to be at this lake this summer…everyone says TOO HOT. Did you think it was unbearable…excited to check out GA and SC!


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