Happy Birthday Traveling Buddy



Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to my traveling buddy Jagger. Today he is two years old. As some of you know he had many social issues when we first met at six months old and started our travels together. He came with fear aggression of new objects, some people, and all dogs.  Fear aggression of dogs is his only remaining issue and it has gotten much better. He now has a few friends locally in Arizona and of course Montana. Also he is tolerating most dogs at a distance.

Here’s hoping this next year finds him accepting of dogs he meets on our travels. To me he is the perfect traveling companion.

Happy Birthday Jagger

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  1. Jagger is absolutely beautiful. No doubt he will continue to improve. My Aussie, Feather Blu will be 3 the end of December and she has improved so much this past year.


    • Thanks Jeannie, I am hoping he will improve a little more. It would be nice going for a walk without having to constantly be on alert. Definitely better than he used to be in the beginning though.


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