July 4th Storm is on the Way

Travel Journal – July 3, 2015
Stormy Skies

Stormy Skies

Jagger and I wake to a seemingly endless morning view of Clarks Hill Lake.  Clarks Hill Lake has a surface of over 70,000 acres, with a thousand miles of shoreline.  It’s big.  The skies are starting to look a little stormy, with grey clouds replacing the clear skies. The birds are alive, fluttering in the trees. Of course the squirrels are playing hide and seek, driving Jagger crazy. “It’s Forth of July weekend Jagger”.

The campground has only a few spots left unreserved, but many of the families who reserved aren’t showing up. The reason, heavy rain is in our forecast, with heavy lightening and possible hail at times. In fact the weather is supposed to be quite nasty even though it’s still quite warm. At least it’s a breather from the hot days we have been experiencing, huh Jagger.

The Boll Weevil Cafe and Sweetery

Today I will be leaving Jagger home and meeting my friend Cheryl for a early lunch at the Boll Weevil Cafe. It advertises it’s self as a Southern Specialties Restaurant built in a former cotton warehouse. It’s also near the River Walk in Augusta, which has lots of history.

When I pull up, Cheryl is just getting there also and we both luck out, parking right in front of the Cafe on this rainy day. We actually had to wait a few moments in the drizzle, as the restaurant was just opening. We would be the first guests today. The restaurant has a lot of charm and rated very high on Google. We had a nice meal and split a dessert 🙂 Although the meal was good, not quite as original as Cheryl and I had expected.

After lunch, the rain had let up a little and we took a short walk over to “River Walk“, a community park along the Savannah River that has an outdoor an amphitheater built overlooking the Savannah river. There entertainers and musicians perform on the hot summer nights. I seem to have lost the few pictures I took of this area 😦 It started to drizzle again so we hurried back to our vehicles. The link above has some history and pictures of the area. This is one place I wish I would have returned during my stay. Maybe next time.

Augusta Museum of History

Like many museums I have visited across the USA, Augusta’s museum has an interesting history of people living in this area that I was unaware. Of course this area is known for it’s Soul Music. The “God Father” of soul, James Brown was born just over the border in South Carolina, but he spent most of his life with his aunt in Georgia after his parents divorced. There is a large collection of artifacts related to his life on display here currently.

Georgia has a rich history in the game of Golf. Many displays of famous golfers here including that of Bobby Jones, Patty Berg, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods.

You can find a large historical collection of artifacts dating back before our more recent Indians. Also collections from our early white pioneers, a number of wars including our Civil War. Plan on spending a a lot of time here to absorb all the details.

After the museum Cheryl followed me out to the campground for a barbecue. I know Jagger will be excited to see us.

Until Next time…Safe Travels, Gary

More Photos: Augusta History Museum, Modoc Campground


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