Jagger Likes the New Shoes

Travel Journal – November 3, 2015
VIP Visitors

VIP Visitors

Jagger and I entertained or herded, depending on your perspective, some VIP’s. Two of my grandchildren came to visit after going Trick or Treating Saturday night. Jagger and I always enjoy having these little visitors. They are growing up so fast, along with their cousins. Of course Jagger feels this is just another “herding” experience. Pictured here Jagger is making sure they stay in bed until he decides it’s time to get up or receives other instructions. Most of the time he watches the cartoons along with the kids.


Jagger Looking all Proud

Jagger Looking all Proud of the New Tires

Today I drove the Workhorse back to visit Bill at Superstition Chrysler-Jeep. The new tires were delivered yesterday so today I made an appointment to have them installed on the Workhorse.

I arrived shortly before noon. Meeting Bill he immediately apologized saying he couldn’t believe how busy they have been. He estimated it would take two hours to complete the installation. I know why there so busy. All of us “snow birds” are arriving back in town and getting their maintenance items taken care of before it’s time to explore again. Looking across the waiting room confirms my suspicions, a room full of experience.

Bill offered me a vehicle to drive, but I told him I needed to get some exercise anyway. I asked him if there were any restaurants nearby. Out of the mix, I chose “The Olive Garden” and headed out on foot which turned out to be less than a mile. On my walk there I pass a Wal-Mart.  It’s amazing just how many Wal-Marts have been built. Everywhere I go I pass them.

Back Out - New Shoes

Back Out – New Shoes

After a nice quiet lunch, I head back and drop in Wal-Mart just to shop. That’s what I did, just shop and then headed back to pick up the Workhorse. By the time I got there it had been 1 1/2 hours, the Workhorse was still on the rack, but they were finishing up.

I sat down in the huge, quite full waiting area and read on my phone until Bill told me they were finishing up. Another good experience, and this despite a very busy dealership. To be honest I don’t think I have ever seen a dealership service area with that many cars and so many people waiting.

On Our Way

[one_fourth][/one_fourth]After Bill tells me the paper work has been prepared, I go over to the Cashier to pay my bill. The total is $787.47, with the special and discounts. Earlier I researched these tires online and found excellent reviews. A few stating they got over 70K miles on their tires. I also found prices on Amazon around $200-$230 each for my trucks size, of course you would need to have them installed by someone. Several online tire sites were offering from $1,000 to $1,200 installed. I feel like a got a good deal.

Clean Up

Clean Up

After paying for the new tires, I head back to our camp, first stopping to get the Workhorse washed. I haven’t paid for a car wash since I left Arizona in May and it was in very bad shape even though I do it myself. I noted it was going to rain this afternoon, but just couldn’t resist getting this done.

I met a nice lady while waiting for the car wash personnel to finish up the Workhorse. She had a “service dog” puppy that she was training for herself. Before I knew it the truck was done and off I go back to pick up Jagger.

Late this afternoon Jagger and I are picking up two of my grandchildren from the YMCA and taking them home until their Mom returns from her work day. She is working long days this week, so I am helping out a few days.

New Shoes

New Shoes

Driving down the road the Workhorse responds better. Is that actual or perceived? I don’t know I tell Jagger to answer his thoughts. It always feels good to have new tires, even though it was so expensive.

I probably won’t need to do this again for at least three years, maybe more (I hope). When I do, I am hoping I can find a great deal again.

Until next time…Safe Travels, Gary

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