Reflection: Petersburg Campground

Travel Journal – November 30, 2015

The past few weeks have been full of fun times with my family and friends. We visited the Phoenix Science Center on Veterans Day.

That following weekend we visited one of my favorite places, Usery Mountain State Park. Our goal, a short hike with Jagger and his friend Phoebe. We all had a good time on the short hike, up and over a small hill with a great view coming down. The grandchildren, as well as the dogs had a great time and were well behaved.

Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving Day I enjoyed a nice dinner with my Daughter and her children. That weekend my Daughter, her children and I visited the Pueblo Grande Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. This museum is located in an unlikely place, right in the middle of a sprawling metro area.

Apparently Phoenix, like many civilizations, is built right on top of an area that had been a healthy civilization for centuries due to the river flowing nearby. It’s changed now because of the irrigation dams and canals built, but civilization still survives. Here on the grounds are mounds of ancient buildings and artifacts. Proving their existence over a thousand years ago.

Coyotes Win

Coyotes Win

Sick Day

Sick Day

Unfortunately the holiday was only slightly marred due to several of my grand-kids sharing a bad chest cold. Some infections have turned into Strep, not good. They may have been exposed at school or the “hands-on” exhibits at the museums we have visited recently, or possibly the hockey game we attended. They are on the mend now though.


I too am not immune to the bug, I came down with a terrible chest cold and cough last Sunday. I felt it coming on Saturday as we were visiting the museum, by that night I knew trouble was brewing.

Slowing down I have had time to reminisce of my adventures this past Summer. Many I have not shared here as of yet. True, I share some quick thoughts and photos on Facebook and Twitter as I go, but not to the detail and thought I record here on my travel journal.

Someday, not to far away, I will not remember the details of the day I moved my Coach to Petersburg Camp and Jagger and I experienced a new page in our adventure. Let me remissness here…

Travel Journal – July 7, 2015
Moving to Petersburg Camp
Evening Peace

Evening Peace

I left off sharing my Summer road trip, I was staying at Modoc Campground for the July forth Holiday. On Tuesday morning Jagger and I packed up our camp, hitched up the Coach to the Workhorse. A lot had happened here Jagger. Our friend Cheryl came to visit a few times and we had a nice barbecue. We met some new friends here too. We’ll be back Jagger, I have the campsite several places down reserved for later this month, after our two weeks at Petersburg.

Our short drive to Petersburg campground is pleasant. We drive through the green trees of the thickly forested area and cross the Clarks Hill Lake Dam.  It’s an absolutely beautiful sunny day here. We approach the gate and we’re directed to proceed to our campsite, number 19. It’s not the best site in the campground, but pretty impressive, what do you think?

As it turns out, every site has a great proximity to the lake, many with landings for your boat. Our camp not only has the lake “bay” view, but it’s very large and away from other campers. This campground gets very full on the weekends, just like Modoc.

Wednesday morning Jagger and I take off for a drive. Our Workhorse has an appointment with Butler Automotive in Martinez, Georgia. I made an appointment last week, knowing I would be fairly close and my friend had also recommended them. It’s time for another service visit. With as many miles as I am driving the visits come often, it seems.

We hung out in the waiting room for a little over an hour and we were told by Bob we were ready to go and they put on some new window wipers at no charge. I am definitely putting this place on my list if I am ever back in the area Jagger. We loaded up and headed back to camp.

Collard Green Experiment

That evening I met Cheryl at the local Cracker Barrel Restaurant. It’s a nice place to eat. Both the atmosphere and the food are consistent across the country. Here however, one of the sides is Collard Greens. Hmm should I? I have never tried them before.

Cheryl thought I should, so I chose it for one of my sides. When my food arrives, the collard greens appear to be what I expected. Quite similar to spinach, which I actually like. So I put some vinegar on it and tasted a bite. Then I put some more vinegar on it, nope not my thing. Cheryl said it was often eaten with pepper sauce. I tried that and yes it was a little better, but still not my thing.

After my experimentation, I finished my dinner and said goodnight to Cheryl, going back home to Jagger and the Coach. When I arrive it was very dark. I made the appropriate turns as I remembered and was able to find my camp after some trepidation.

Looks like my time with you is about up for this chapter as I have gone over a little.

Until next time, safe travels…Gary

More Photos: Petersburg Campground, Phoenix Science Center,



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