My Vagabond Lifestyle Update

Travel Journal – December 7, 2015

My current camp here in Mesa, Az, now takes the record for the longest stay in one camp since I took delivery of my Coach in February of 2014 and I am getting a little antsy to move.

It’s a nice park with all the amenities the RV parks seem have here in Mesa. I just enjoy traveling to new places and exploring the history. That may change as I age and probably will. For now my preference is being on the move.  One other thing, I also enjoy having a little more space for my campsite. I’m not so much into all the “social functions”. I’m by no means a hermit, but definitely reserved. Here is a few photos of my winter neighborhood. There is also a pool, jacuzzi, computer room, wifi (very slow), exercise room, quilting room, lapidary room and full community room.

Last Mesa Stay

When I was in Mesa, Az earlier this year I was staying on my daughter’s property. I had water and 50 amp connections, however there wasn’t a sewer connection. As a result I had to pull my coach every few weeks to a Dump station nearby. At least I was moving! She however, moved during this past summer while I was traveling in Southeastern USA.

On my return I made arrangements for an extended stay at the RV Resort I stayed in last May. I’ve been camped here now for two months now and after moving to another site in January, I will continue to stay here for another couple of months before moving out to a few State and County parks nearby.

Missing the Family

The only negative my vagabond lifestyle has presented so far is missing my family, not only those here in Arizona, but in California and Montana. I definitely have the bug though. It’s funny that my whole life I lived a very structured life, living in only a few homes for years at a time. Now after my retirement, I find I love to move around and experience different places and lifestyles.

For the Winter and Holidays my travel will have to consist of reminiscing of my adventures over the last twenty-two months.

Travel Journal – July 21, 2015
Reflection: Georgia and South Carolina

20150724 Modoc (4)Many Sundays while staying here in Georgia, I had the privilege to attend the Sunday morning church service that Cheryl regularly attends. For those traveling in this area and wanting a place to attend services, I highly recommend “West Acres Baptist Church“. Even though this church could be classified as a large congregation, they are very friendly, welcoming strangers with the southern hospitality you would expect for Georgia.

One Saturday I was invited to their annual picnic. With about a hundred or so in attendance, they served up a pot luck buffet with all kinds of goodies. I definitely felt spoiled. Unfortunately, this was a time I didn’t remember once again to take pictures. The facility they use was not far from where I was camped on the Clarks Hill Lake. Mistletoe State Park is a nice facility and later in July I will be camping at Winfield Campground only a couple of miles away.

Also one Sunday night, Cheryl and I were invited over to a friends home for board games and homemade dessert. We had a great time and I have to report that I won the game of the night, Mexican Train Dominos. I enjoy a good game of Dominos, but I have never played this form of Dominos. It’s a unique and challenging game. I did have a little help 😉

Below is more photos from our Petersburg campground where we stayed during this time.

Dentist Again 😦

This is getting old. Maybe I am too a little bit. I felt a rough spot on my new crown I had gotten in California earlier this year, so I hurriedly found a Dentist in this area. Since Cheryl’s dentist was unable to work me in, I used Google to find one who had some reasonable reviews. What a great find, Greenbrier Family Dental. Dr Adam Scott and his wife Dr Laura Scott were just wonderful people and dentists. Their office is a nice, newer facility located in Evans, Ga. They did a thorough evaluation, finding the spot I felt was actually a small piece of enamel and removed it.

After taking some x-ray’s they found a small spot under my older crown next to it that my dentist in California was watching. They were concerned it was in fact a cavity. That meant my old crown had to be removed, the cavity repaired and a new crown placed. Lucky it was done, because it turned out to be a very needed procedure. The tooth was in danger of being lost.

Time is running out for this post. I will finish up my Clarks Hill Lake stay of almost five weeks next post and move on to Savannah. Until next time, Safe Travels…Gary

More Photos: Petersburg Campground


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  1. I know exactly how you feel Gary. Even though I need to be in the states for now it’s killing me daily to be here I want to travel travel travel 🙂


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