The Aggressive Fire Hydrant

Travel Journal – December 29, 2015
The Park - Camp Mesa

The Park – Camp Mesa

Our weather here in Mesa Arizona is being consistent, even if a little on the cold side. Dry and mid fifties during the day and mid thirties at night. That seems a little cool for Arizona and us “Snowbirds”. It is however, nowhere near the temps at my home base in Montana. I speak to my sister regularly and Roger, one of my high school friends on Facebook. They are reporting thirties during the day and in the teens during the night and morning hours. That’ll take your breath away!

Obsession with Reading

[one_fifth][/one_fifth]Since I started traveling I have developed a healthy obsession of reading. Mostly pioneer and early american trappers adventure novels. RV Sue got me started on the “Barnaby Skye” series by Richard Wheeler. I read all of them. I have read some SiFi novels over the years also. Currently I am reading a book by Nick Russell, “Big Lake“. I think it was his first book of a series that I will no doubt finish too. Nick is a fellow Full Time RVer who has a large following over at: Gypsy Journal RV Blog.


Today I am doing a few maintenance items around the “camp” before picking up a couple of my grandchildren, who will be spending the night. It’s school break here in the Mesa area and we are taking advantage of the special time to hang out. We also spent yesterday together. They love playing with Jagger and it’s likewise. At night I often find Jagger laying at the foot of their bed in the main living area.

Yesterday morning we woke to a 56 degree coach. The boys on hearing me get dressed echoed the observation, “it’s cold Papa”. The fireplace was running and a small heater in my bedroom. If it wasn’t for those it would have got into the 30’s in my little home. Apparently during the early morning hours the propane tank had ran out, so I got dressed and quickly went outside to switch tanks. I don’t usually open both of my  tanks together, as doing that last year right before Christmas (2014-A Cold Winter’s Morning) I ran out of propane altogether and it wasn’t pleasant experience.

I have a little time today to reflect on my travels. I think we left off back in time when Jagger and I were packing up at Modoc, heading for our last two weeks at the lake at Winfield COE park at Clarks Hill Lake.

Travel Journal – July 29, 2015
Reflection – Clarks Hill Lake Winfield Camp

Jagger and I pull out from the two lane, paved road, leaving Modoc camp in South Carolina. We turned right onto Highway 221 and follow it around the lake back into Georgia as we cross the Clarks Hill Dam. The now familiar drive is beautiful, as is the weather on this sunny day. After about a thirty minute drive we turn right onto Mistletoe Road which heads to the State park. Before arriving at the State park, Google tells us to turn left onto Winfield road. We drive another five minutes and the road narrows. Yikes Jagger, Google has done it again! I looked before we left and the road looked like it was direct. We drive into some beautiful rural homes, then pass a nice home with a huge yard and Google proceeds to announce a “welcome you have arrived”. Well no not yet Google! I chance a drive for another mile or so and see the front gate of Winfield off in the distance. A sigh of relief by me, Jagger wonders what all the stress was about.

Our Camp
Winfield Campground

Winfield Campground

After checking in, Jagger and I pull into the campground and head across a small isthmus to our camp. The tall, older trees are wonderful. These Army Corp of Engineers campgrounds have been absolutely beautiful and inexpensive compared to the West Coast campgrounds where I have stayed.

Wow Jagger, another beautiful large campsite. We have a couple of neighbors, but couldn’t ask for a nicer spot with water again surrounding our camp. The “small” bay in front of our camp we eventually name “turtle” bay, as we see their heads poking up in the water often.  Funny story the first few times seeing these small heads poking up at a distance I thought it may have been an alligator until I saw them close up. Most of the time they were in pairs.

Afternoon Hike

After our camp was set up, Jagger and I go for a walk. While walking across the isthmus, Jagger spots an aggressive fire hydrant. Yes that’s right, only Jagger could go off at a fire hydrant! To his defense it does look a little different. This hydrant was actually a place for the fire department to attach hoses and pump lake water.  We spent a few minutes here allowing Jagger to “sneak up” on it and introduce himself. After a few nerve racking minutes Jagger figured out it wasn’t a threat, so we continued on our walk.

Peaceful Days
Clarks Hill Lake

Clarks Hill Lake

On Thursday I met Cheryl for dinner in Evans, after she got off work. Then Saturday we met at a theatre near her home for a movie. After the movie we both drove out to Winfield and had a nice afternoon barbeque on the lake. It was a great time and the weather, still warm. For the next two weeks Jagger and I experience the peace of staying on the lake.

Sunday morning I woke with a slight chest cold. It’s the first time I have been sick since packing up for the Summer of traveling. Fortunately I was able to kick it within the week. On the following Monday Jagger and I took off on a drive exploring the Dam area again. It pretty hot today so I opt not to leave Jagger in the Workhouse while visiting the dam visitors center and we head back to our Coach.

Last Day at Clarks Hill

Tuesday I wake early and after breakfast I start to pack up a few items. This is the last full day here at Winfield and Clarks Hill Lake. I am a little sad, but at the same time anxious to get on the road again. This evening I meet up with Cheryl again, we have dinner and say our goodbyes. Tomorrow I will be hitching up the Coach and making our way to Savannah Georgia for seven days.

Until next time, Safe Travels…Gary

More Photo’s: Winfield Campground, Clarks Hill Dam

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