First Move 2016

Travel Journal – January 2, 2016

For those of you reading this, we made it through the holidays once again and welcome to the year 2016.

The Move
Mesa Camp

Our Mesa Camp of Three Months

Yes it’s true. Jagger and I have gone on another adventure. Yesterday, January 1st, I got up and was greeted a cool morning with clear skies. I finished packing up the Coach after a little procrastination, then saying goodbyes to a couple of neighbors, I hitched up the Coach to the Workhorse and proceeded to drive to our next camp.

We pulled the Coach out on the internal paved road, passing numerous RV’s parked for the Winter. Made a right turn, then another. We’re here Jagger. What? Yes we moved two streets away.

Due to scheduling issues we couldn’t book our first site for more than four months (three of which we were actually here). Earlier this year I took advantage a Summer four month special price. For the next two months we will be paying the premium winther rate, yuk. After that, we are “on the road again”.

New Mesa Camp 2016

New Mesa Camp 2016

Setting Up

On our arrival I carefully back the Coach into a narrow, rock paved site. After a few adjustments to straighten our alignment, a nice neighbor (Joe) from across the street, asks if I would like a spotter. I reply yes, that would be great. One of the disadvantages of traveling alone makes it difficult to see the end of the Coach, which is almost fifty feet to the rear.

Next I unhitch the Coach and we are officially home for two more months. Over the next hour or so I unpack the outside and inside items that I need to secure each time we move the Coach down the road. I spent more time preparing and setting up, before and after the move, than it took me to get here. Since I live full time in my Coach, I have many incidental items displayed inside the Coach to make it feel more like home.

Repairs and Replacements

In October I upgraded our water filter. Both filters are distributed by Camco Industries. The old one a TastePURE  with 100 micron High-flow carbon filter. The new one a little more money with increased filtration. It is a EVO Premium 5 micron barrier and granulated active carbon filter.

[one_fifth][/one_fifth][one_fifth][/one_fifth]At our new camp I moved the location of the filter from inside the Coach basement to near the water hook up. This increases the room I have to work for the fresh water and wastewater valve manifold. I also added one more “quick release” connection. With this setup I only have to twist on the water pressure and short hose connection to the water source.

New Water Filter Setup

New Water Filter Setup

All connections after that are just a “click” to connect.  This works great and saves your hands from the twisting connections. I think I will purchase a “stand” for the filter in the near future. At this site it’s okay because the water source is close to the ground.

Next I remove the sewer hoses and place them in preparation for connection to the sewer. Oops, it’s too short.  This isn’t the first time in the last couple of years that twenty feet has been an issue, but this time I need to do something about it for two reasons. One, the old hoses and connections are almost two years old. They have been exposed to the weather and weren’t the best ones to start with. Two, their total length is twenty feet. I will be replacing them with a fifteen foot and ten foot hose. A total of twenty-five feet when both are connected. I have found that this length will take care of almost any configuration I have seen, so far.

[one_fifth][/one_fifth]This evening, after dinner, Jagger and I go to the park for a walk. After that we stop by Wal-Mart and pick up the new sewer hoses. It’s about $6.00 more than Amazon, but I wanted to get our site finished and move on to other projects. The new set up should last much longer than the one I am replacing.

Oops, too short again

Oops, too short again

Plumbing Repair

It’s true, I’m procrastinating. I’m not a Plumber, but my toilet connection is leaking slightly. I have a small container catching the water, now that I have discovered it. Tomorrow I will tackle tightening the connection. Hopefully I don’t make it worse! I’m surprised that is all that’s leaking after 12,000 miles of moving and shaking down the road. Some of the highway’s we have traveled on were full of potholes and ruts. Especially on the dirt roads.

Thanks to those of you who purchased items through my Amazon links here on my blog. Every purchase adds up to helping support the Retired Vagabond.

Until next time, Safe Travels in 2016…Gary

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