Down the Hole

Travel Journal – January 4, 2016

20160103_125947Monday afternoon I finally pulled out my tools from my basement to tackle the leak in the bathroom. Identifying where the water was coming from was the hardest part as it turns out. That I did last week when I saw water around the toilet area. My first thought was my grandchildren, who just left, were the culprits. My bad, sorry boys.

The Plumbing Repair

It was in fact a small leak at the back of the toilet. Where the fresh water plumbing is attached the fixture. Once I located it, I discovered it was right over a vent going down the hole into the basement. Next I went outside and opened the basement. Next opened up one of the walls. Oh no, the water is dropping right next to my electric converter. A large puddle of water was around, but not on the converter. Thank goodness that could have been a disaster.

I waited almost a week, monitoring the leak while containing the water. It was almost a pint per day after I switched over to my on board water source so I could control the water pressure more easily.

I begin the actual repair and observed that the plastic nut holding the hose on is the culprit causing the leak. I grab my channel locks and gently tighten the nut.  I then dry the area and wait.

Check Re-Check

Twenty-four hours later, it looks like that fixed it. I clean up the area by removing the vent, cleaning and drying it out. Then I do the same in the basement. There doesn’t appear to be any damage and with such little water I was able to dry it out and wipe things down.  Now I’m ready for the next disaster, but hopefully it will be a LONG time away.

New Neighbors

Last weekend a nice couple moved in next to me and I had the pleasure of meeting. They have been coming here from Ohio for seven years and staying in a fifth wheel that is stored nearby.  This year they have a “new to them” fifth wheel. A nice 2008 Alfa.  For the last several years they have been driving here in their car for the winter. The fifth wheel is towed here for them by a contractor from the storage lot, as they don’t feel comfortable pulling it themselves anymore. Someday that may be me, if I continue this lifestyle into my senior years.

Morning Neighbor
Grooming Day

Jagger in the Workhorse

Yesterday I was loading Jagger up in the Workhorse for a trip to the park for a walk in the rain and I said good morning to my neighbor. He was putting together a new sewer hose. The one that came with his rig was about five feet too short, just like mine. I watched for a while as he struggled to get the new connections to work. Camco needs to figure something better for these sewer hoses. Especially for as many seniors that are RVing. Our hands aren’t quite what they were at a younger age.

He stepped away for a moment and showed me his current setup on the other side of his rig. “It looks like your sewer connection is closer than mine”, I said. “I’ll bet my old sewer hose will work if you want to try it”. If you remember a few days ago I replaced my sewer hose. The old sewer hose and all the connections I couldn’t bring myself to discard so I sealed it up and stored it in the basement. He said sure. I got everything out of storage and it worked! He now has at least a temporary fix to his problem and I found a new home for my old setup.

Off to the Park
The Park

The Park – On a Clear Evening

I excused myself, remembering Jagger was patiently waiting in the Workhorse. Then Jagger and I head out to the Park for a much needed walk.

When we arrived it was still raining. In fact it was getting worse as Jagger and I walked for awhile, occasionally dashing under the shelters built over tables to avoid the rain. Finally we gave up and headed back home to dry off.

Until next time, Safe Travels…Gary


6 replies

  1. Do you find it interesting they would place your electrical converter right below a toilet? I am not real smart when it comes to repairs (Im a numbers guy) but I have learned how to do the basic repairs here at home. It sound like you caught your leak just at the right time.


  2. Always a good thing when it’s a drip not a flood to fix. And even better when it’s something you can figure out and fix yourself. Jim hangs onto everything cause you just never know when someone may need it.


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