The Flu Hits Again

Travel Journal – January 13, 2016
Jagger on the Floating Dock at Winfield

Jagger on the Floating Dock at Winfield At 4:30am I am awakened, maybe it was the vibration of my cell phone on the small table next to my warm bed, I pick it up and the bright Android face blinds my sleepy eyes. It’s my Daughter texting me that yet another family member has contracted the flu bug. She is asking if I will sit with one of the boys until her Mom comes at 10:30 am. Of course I reply. I need to be there, twenty miles away, in time for her to leave for work at 6:45 am. I go back to sleep for another few winks. It’s a little cool in the Coach to force myself out of the warm bed.

Time to Go

The phone again comes alive, telling me thirty minutes have passed. Now I need to get moving. I drag myself out of bed, say good morning to my buddy Jagger and start getting ready. Again I dress for snow. Temps this morning are in the upper 30’s, warm by Montana standards. Once I am ready to go I feed Jagger breakfast. It’s early for him, but I want him to come along so he can play in the big backyard this morning.

The Dock

The Dock at Winfield

I’ve already asked my neighbor Jon, the closest to my truck, to please forgive the occasional loud diesel in the early mornings. Explaining on a rare occasion I will be starting up at 6:00 am or before. Jon told me they are always up early. As I quietly close my door at 5:45 am, I note there are no lights on 😦 The Workhorse diesel glow plug light goes out and I turn on the ignition. Varoom, the engine comes to life and I quickly idle away from our camp and out onto the main road. We are off Jagger.

On the way Jagger and I stop at the McDonalds right off the 202 loop on the way to Chandler. I order an egg McMuffin, and pull up to the window. They are prompt, I get my package, Jagger gets two treats (at every drive through). Off I go stopping briefly in the parking lot to open my Egg McMuffin. As we pull back onto the on ramp for the 202 freeway I think to myself. I don’t understand why I always anticipate it will taste better than it actually does or that it will even be hot. I settle for fast and go down the road.

We Arrive Safely

I thought California drivers were aggressive, morning traffic is downright nasty here in Arizona. My Daughter leaves for work and Jagger plays in the spacious yard. He is happy. I now sit down to capture my morning. At least Seth is feeling a little better and sleeping comfortably making up for the lost sleep. I think to myself, I hope the flu shot I got works. I’ve now been exposed multiple times this season.

I as finish my morning journal, my thoughts drift back to my Summer in Georgia. I last shared with you that Jagger and I were preparing to leave our Winfield camp and had just gone to bed.

Travel Journal – August 12, 2015

Camp View Winfield

Reflection: Savannah Georgia

We wake on a warm sunny August morning and once again finish packing our camp in preparation of our move today to Savannah, Georgia. I have made reservations at Hardeeville RV Park, just outside of Savannah in Hardeeville, South Carolina. Which again is just over the state line.

Campground Winfield

Campground Winfield

We pull out of our campsite and over to the Dump station at the exit for the Winfield Campground. After dumping the Coach’s three tanks, we pull out on the road to the main highway. As we proceed to Savannah we drive through a few areas in South Carolina, where the roads are terrible. Again there are times I avoid potholes by driving on the shoulder.

Arrive Hardeeville RV Park

We arrive at Hardeeville RV Park in the late afternoon. This is a nice private park with larger, open campsites. Not as private as the COE campgrounds we’ve been staying in the last few weeks with very little to screen for privacy. I stop at the office and a nice lady meets us as I crawl out of the Workhorse and unfold after the almost four hour drive. I show her my Passport America card as she assigns our site and calculates the amount due for seven days. With tax it came to $25.00 per day. It’s not bad for a nice, private, well groomed park. Jagger thinks the best part is the rather large dog park where he can run free.

After I pay, the lady directs us to our site, which was not fifty yards from the office. After pulling in and leveling the Coach, I finish setting up camp. Travel day I usually eat dinner out somewhere if we’re staying in town. Tonight I choose to go to Wendy’s so Jagger could come along. Tomorrow morning I am going into Savannah sightseeing and I’ll have to leave Jagger in the Coach for several hours. After dinner we head back to camp and call it a day.

Until next time, Safe Travels…Gary

More Photos: Winfield Campground, Visiting Savannah

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