Jagger Looked Him in the Eye

Travel Journal – January 20, 2016
Drive River Run

Drive River Run

Jagger and I drive to River Run Park in Mesa. We enjoy the warm clear morning while walking around the small lake. As we pass the first of several people enjoying the quiet morning sitting on a bench, reading a book or the morning paper. Jagger alerts, growls and I correct him with “it’s okay” and “leave it”. That turns out to be the only person he reacts to during our morning walk. Others playing, fishing, walking, riding their bikes by us he shows little interest, but doesn’t react. The only differences is that one young man turned around and looked at Jagger. (before the growl)

River Run - Lake

River Run – Lake

I guess Jagger didn’t like the look in his eyes.   As we continued around the back side of the park, we pass the only other dog that I see here this morning. A German Shepherd playing  off leash with his master. He was about fifty yards away when Jagger started to react. We kept walking and Jagger eventually became distracted by other sites along the way. I did hook up Jaggers second collar, as a precaution though.

As we approached the Workhorse, I give Jagger the “Free” command, releasing him to jump in the back seat. I am thankful two years ago I bought a very durable seat cover from Kurgo. After I had it a few months the threads began to pull away from the tie down that goes under the seat. I emailed the Kurgo’s support desk, attaching a photo. No questions asked they sent me a brand new one. It has a lifetime guarantee. As much as Jagger is in the Workhorse, it’s amazing how well it still looks. No problems since. It was the first seat cover I was able to find that was big enough to fit the entire back seat.


As I’m pulling away I think once again what great city, county, and state parks there are in Arizona. We then pull across the street into the River Run Shopping Center for lunch at the local Chick Fil A. After getting my meal, I park under a rather sparse tree and relax as I eat my lunch on this fine day. Being retired has a lot of great benefits. They came at a price. For me, it involved working fifty-three years of my life, but it was worth it, today I remind myself.

After returning home I clean out the Coach’s basement once again and wait for the RV Doctor to arrive. He will be working on my heater today. I had to make an appointment after talking with the manufacturer-Atwood. Hopefully, they will make good on the warranty, which expires next month. I will post an update later. (For more about the heater woes see this link: Heater Woes)

Now that I am ready for the Coach’s RV repairman, I continue my Savannah journal. I left off at the Savannah History Museum. Our tour guide had just finished his presentation of the Battle of Savannah and I walked towards the exit.

Travel Journal – August 13, 2015, continued
Reflection: Savannah Rail Museum

After leaving the Savannah History Museum, I walk across the street to the Railroad Museum. This is still a working facility. The trains have a visitors schedule and operate both a Steam and Diesel locomotive on short train rides.

Some of the Old Buildings at the Rail Museum

Some of the Old Buildings at the Rail Museum

Inside the Museum and grounds, you will find many fine old locomotives and the different cars they once pulled. I met up with a tour and our guide explained the historical significance to each of the cars on display. Some of the Pullman cars were for rail executives. Most were in good shape, with many of these amenities still intact.

The roundhouse is an exceptional piece of history. Here there were a few men busily working on their hobby, the great locomotives. Today I meet only a few visitors. I would image the weekends would be a better time to see the equipment being demonstrated.

On my way back to the parking lot across the street I met Aaron, the colonial tour guide. I complimented him on his presentation and asked him if he was a teacher. He responded no, but he did graduate with a masters in history. With the passion he had, I am not surprised. If any of you get a chase to visit Savannah make sure you see this presentation.

Savannah Parks

Savannah Parks

On leaving the museum, I decided to cruise around town and check out any potential places I would like to visit. One thing I do find difficult for me as I travel. It’s discovering hidden places and things to see. Some I find reading brochures. Others just driving around. The best source for me is talking to the locals, people I meet along the way. As I drive, I again note the beauty of the trees and parks with hanging vines. It seems that many intersections have little parks, most honoring someone from the past. I pass beautiful churches with tall steeples and mansions on every corner. Most of these places I will have to settle for just the memory as I pass. No visit and mostly no photos. There is just no place to park. I pass many tour trolley’s as I drive today, that is how I need to travel next time I visit the city. I continue my drive, eventually working my way out of the town and onto the bridge back home.

Jagger, as usual, was happy to see me when I arrived home, back at the Coach. After a relaxing evening I hit the sack. Tomorrow I have a special luncheon planned.

 Until next time, Safe Travels…Gary

More Photos: Savannah Rail Museum

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  1. Jaggers has really really made good progress in conquering his fears and learning to trust you. That is so neat. And there are some people I’d like to growl at also.


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