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Travel Journal – January 27, 2016
Furnace Woes Update
The Repair

The Repair

This morning I get an email from Atwood telling me they need the serial number before they will process a warranty on my furnace. I know it makes sense right, but I can’t get it due to the installation location and let’s face it, I’m no spring chicken anymore! Yes the repair guy forgot to get it when he had the unit out on the table. Peter, from Grand Design, has been following my progress with this repair even though my fifth wheel is two years old. I emailed him and he responds within minutes with my furnace serial number and letting me know his team is in the loop! I AM SO GLAD I BOUGHT A GRAND DESIGN! This was my first RV and yes expensive for me, but I do feel like they are there with me all the way.

More Maintenance

After I check my messages while enjoying my morning coffee. I’m onto another maintenance project today before watching grandkids after school. My water heater needs to be flushed. The last time I did it, it was almost a year ago. That’s too long! Procrastination is still one of my enemies. The same for my Atwood refrigerator. Last week I defrosted and blew out the back using compressed air. Only a month left before I’m on the road again and this is a great place to get my maintenance projects done.

This Afternoon
Got a Discount!

Got a Discount!

This afternoon I spent with two of my grandchildren. After an unexpected fueling surprise, Jagger and I got to their house right before the School Bus stopped about a block away. When they finally got here we did the usual after school stuff; snack, the “dreaded” homework and chores. After that’s out of the way it’s time for them to play outside and I get to work a little on the “Retired Vagabond” blog.

Jagger was playing outside with one of their dogs “Jax”, when I hear an unusual amount of barking. It’s the neighbor’s dogs, Jagger and Jax that are having a barking contest 😦 just as Aiden comes in the door and we both go outside to gather up the dogs and stop the barking. Jax is taken inside and I put Jagger on a long cable my daughter has for Jax and that takes care of the barking! Aiden returns to playing outside and I continue my project.

The Crash – Vagabond Down

Not ten minutes later Jagger starts in again and I go outside. This is where the problems start. Jagger was barking at another dog outside the front gate, not fifty feet away. Apparently another neighbor’s dog got loose and at the same time boys were coming in the 5′ high wooden gate avoiding the other dog. There were also other children outside the gate. Get the picture here? Complete chaos.

Our Morning Drive

Our Morning Drive

I at that time walk over to Jagger to comfort him and stop the barking (mistake one). Then Jagger excitedly runs between the boys and I, the cable dragging behind him. Oh boy here comes the cable and I attempt to avoid it by stepping over the cable (mistake two and final mistake). The cable catches the heel of my boot mid air and you got it, I go flying feet up in the air and my shoulder, back and head hit the ground hard. I lay there dazed, you know the feeling I’m sure. The first thing I do is make sure nothing is broken, while the boys and Jagger fuss over me, asking are you okay Papa? I assure them I am fine, while worry goes on in my head.

I slowly get up and shake it off as best I can. Fortunately the area I fell was all grass and a relatively soft place to land compared to concrete. I am already sore as I walk into the house, angry at Jagger, but it really wasn’t his fault.

This lesson is once again learned, STANDSTILL feet firmly planted, wait for the cable to stop. I thought I would be in bad shape on Friday, but other than a problem lifting with my left arm a certain way, I am just sore. The shoulder will heal in time, probably soft tissue damage. I was more worried about my back and hips, but I seem to be okay. Definitely a miracle.

Today, Saturday Jagger and I probably won’t do much. I am still just resting myself, but I wanted to finish this blog post I started Wednesday. Next post I will finish my journal on the Savannah stay and start moving once again. On to North Carolina.

Until next time, SAFE Travels…Gary

Afternoon Drive

Afternoon Drive

Morning Walk at the Park

Morning Walk at the Park


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  1. So happy you weren’t hurt any worse than being sore. You’re definitely not the first and won’t be the last to get caught up in a dog leash/restraint and land on the ground. Good it was grass, as you stated. Love reading your posts.


    • I know right John. I feel bad for him at times. So full of energy, but he does really well with it most of the time. My grand kids love him and call him their teddy bear. Thanks for dropping by


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