Tybee Lighthouse Drive By

Travel Journal – January 31, 2016
Camp Mesa

Camp Mesa

It’s a beautiful morning here in Mesa, Arizona as the Sun comes up. It’s in the upper forties. The weatherman is predicting a change this afternoon. Wet and windy is in our forecast, time to batten down the hatches and put our outdoor furniture away for the rain predicted this evening.

Last night one of my grandchildren spent the night 🙂 and he is still sleeping soundly. I don’t know how. I’ve made coffee, washed a few dishes and turned on his cartoons. We did get in late last night and were not attending church until this evening, according to his Mom. It’s a morning of pure rest, with a healthy breakfast when he decides to wake up.

Travel Journal – February 3, 2016
Grocery Day

20160206_155419This morning I’m up relatively early. I have a few things accomplished and then Jagger and I are off to Fry’s  grocery store.

When we arrive I almost turn around and leave! The parking lot was almost full. I’ve never seen it so busy. Anyway I park, then go inside to get my shopping done. Inside is packed, the aisles are difficult to navigate with many friends visiting about whatever 😉  I finish up my “short list” and go to the registers. All but one is busy checking out shoppers and it’s not open. I get in line, only two ahead of me.

When I get to the cashier she is very polite and greets me. When she finishes scanning my groceries she pauses, expecting to receive something. Then she reaches across to the next checker and gets a coupon and then she holds it up and asks if I qualify? Senior discount day! Wahoo 10%, I wish I would have known I would have bought a month’s worth of groceries. Apparently it’s the first Wednesday every month. So that explains the crowd. She also tells me if I come early or late afternoon, the crowd isn’t as bad.

Once back out to the truck, Jagger does his ritual of inspecting every bag I place in the Workhorse. I’ve told my grandchildren that I think he would have made a good police dog. Then we head back to the Coach.

This is another good opportunity to finish my Georgia Travel Journal notes of last summer. I was seeing so many new sights I didn’t have the energy or the time to keep my journal up to date then. Let me begin on Monday August 17th. Two more days before we leave for parts north…

Travel Journal – August 17, 2015

Camp - Hardeeville, ScThis morning I got up early to a drizzly day. My plan was to make one more trip into Savannah and ride the Trolley, seeing some of the sights that I had trouble seeing in the Workhorse.

Jagger ate his breakfast and then we went to the dog park, all well before 8:00am. Then I find myself again on the Talmadge Memorial Bridge to Savannah arriving at the trolley parking lot just off the bridge.

Unfortunately with the drizzle the trolley has its sides partial down which obstructs some of the view, but otherwise I would be sitting in a puddle. I ride the entire route which was very interesting, but I never got off as I had planned, due to the drizzle and quite frankly I was ready to move on. I love Savannah, but it’s a little overwhelming and expensive. There is so much to do and see, I could spend the whole summer here to see everything I wanted to see. So I pick and choose my highlights and move on to another place.


Our Final Savannah Day

Tuesday morning Jagger and I go for a morning walk, then head to the dog park for play time. Once we returned to the Coach, and after Jagger settled down. I ask him if he wants to go for a ride in the Workhorse. I love seeing him get excited, he jumps up and down and runs around the Coach, making it sway a little with his movement. Then I open the door to both the Coach and Workhorse and tell Jagger “free”. He dart’s out and into the Workhorse and off we go.

IMG_0067-XLOur goal today is to see one of the beautiful Lighthouses here on the East Coast. Destination Tybee Lighthouse. Unfortunately looking on the internet, I see that it was closed on Tuesday’s, but it was our last day here and wanted to at least see it.

Once we leave highway 80, we weave the old streets of Tybee Island until we stumble on the old lighthouse. Since very few people are here Jagger gets to go on a short walk around the lighthouse property and as a bonus there is another attraction across the street. Fort Screven, of course it is closed too, but we explore what can be seen from outside the bunker.

I querry Jagger, since we’re close to the Atlantic Ocean, would you like to see that? I get a blank, however excited stare. We load up and drive again through a very complicated pattern of streets to where a sign pointed to a boardwalk “to the beach”. We find a parking spot not too far away and get out of the truck.

IMG_0076Arriving at the boardwalk, I see a smaller sign “NO DOGS” 😦 I walk Jagger back to the truck and leave him once again. Then I walk back to the boardwalk and after a very short walk I see the beach. It’s another beautiful sight.

I miss the ocean having spent a good portion of my life on or near it. I take a few pictures without going out on the beach since the air temperature today is too warm to leave Jagger in the truck for more than a few minutes. Then I return to the Workhorse and we drive back to the Coach.


Atlantic Ocean – Tybee Island Georgia

Tomorrow morning Jagger and I will be leaving for Santee Campground in South Carolina.

Until next time, Safe Travels…Gary

More Photos: Savannah Georgia, Tybee Lighthouse

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  1. Thanks Steve, I have an older Canon Rebel XSi digital. But many of my photos are taken with a cell phone. Samsung Galaxy S5. I’ve loved photography since the early 1970’s. I used to develop my own photos.


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