Visiting Lower Salt River

Travel Journal – February 8, 2016

There is not much going on today. The weather here in Arizona is gradually warming up and Jagger and I are a little antsy. After doing a few chores around the Coach we load up into the Workhorse and take off on a drive north.

20160208PhonDSutton (1)After a twenty-minute drive we end up at an area named Phon D Sutton on the Salt River here in Arizona. It’s named after someone who lived in the area in the early to mid 1900’s. I was curious about the unusual name but was unable to find out anymore about him or his wife.

When you arrive here it’s a little deceptive. I have been here before and I know there is a nice river flowing just out of sight with great views. Today when Jagger and I arrive there are only a few people, however I have been here when this area was somewhat busy with people escaping the nearby city. It’s really over used and you can tell by the destruction of natural trails, and scrubs being pushed out with too much traffic. I found out yesterday when visiting a Ranger station nearby, that dry camping is not allowed here any more. I’m not surprised.

Jagger Listing for Dogs Barking

Jagger Listing for Dogs Barking

As we were about ready to get out of the truck I noticed a man and women with two dogs “off leash” running around crazy. I started the truck up and move as far away as I could.

It put a damper on our peaceful time here. Jagger was able to hear them barking, which distracted him. Also we didn’t go all the way to the river as the dogs were running free and barking with their owners calling them back with little results.

So we kept our visit short, going for a hike and finding some of the pools of cool, quiet water that we have seen in the past.

After our walk, we loaded up and drove back to the Coach via the Bush highway, passing Usery Campground where we will be staying in March a couple of times. It was a great day with some very nice weather, not too hot.

Until next time, Safe Travels…Gary

More Photos: Salt River Phon D Sutton

2 replies

  1. I appreciate letting your dog of leash, there is just not many places you can do that anymore. The rule here, since it’s a state park is the usual 6′ leash at all times. I’m becoming more concerned at the younger generations not respecting our laws or others. I could go on about this, but another day 🙂 Thanks for the comment Sandie.


  2. Too bad those inconsiderate folks ruined Jagger’s outing. Some dogs are great off leash and obey so well. But the owners need to have control regardless.


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