Checking In Lake Pleasant

Travel Journal – March 9, 2016

Jagger and I spent a few days at Usery, entertaining grandchildren and taking care of routine items last week. Then on Thursday we moved out to Lake Pleasant.

It feels like home out here since we have camped so many times before. My favorite sites are in the Temporary area overlooking the lake. The dry camping is pretty nice too at $12 per night. Lake Pleasant was also the second camp I set up in 2014 after getting the Coach. To see all the times we visited along with pictures you can click here: Lake Pleasant Camping

Spring Break

This week I again have been entertaining grandchildren here at the lake. It’s Spring break for their school district. Yesterday we met my Daughter-in-law with her two children, at White Tank Mountain for a short hike on the Waterfall trail. This is another place I have been, but I always enjoy getting out for a hike.

When we arrived the trailhead was already busy. More so than I have seen it before. We left the trailhead together, but in a very short time Jagger and I had dropped back due to the high volume of dogs on the trail. Several without leashes! As we moved on, avoiding contact as much as possible, it soon became clear that Jagger and I would have to head back to the workhorse. I told my Daughter-in-law and apologised leaving her with all four kids. Then Jagger and I did a “U-turn” and marched right back out to the trailhead, stopping often along the way as we practiced being close to dogs that passed.

All in all, Jagger did okay, but I was exhausted. Once arriving at the Workhorse we hung out for about thirty minutes before the rest of our group returned from the waterfall. Then we got out our packed lunches and walked over to the picnic area for a nourishing lunch before calling it a day and returning to Lake Pleasant for the night. Aiden and Seth, who were staying with me wanted to go swimming in the pool when we returned. Sounds like a good idea to me boys and we headed for the pool  right after having an early dinner at Dillons Restaurant on the lake wharf.

I don’t know where they get so much energy, but I was past done after all of that activity. Once we were back at the Coach with Jagger we pulled out the “Back to The Future” trilogy and watch the first one before calling it a day.

Today Aiden, Seth, Jagger and I drove back to their house to do our laundry and have dinner with Mom. Afterwards Aiden, Jagger and I will be going back out to the lake, an hour drive, for a few more days.

It’s A Plan

As Jagger and I continue to travel, my journals and photograph’s continue to “pile up”. My last “Summer” post left off in South Carolina. It seems a lifetime away now, but I did take good notes and many photos. I guess I’m having too much fun along with needing “time outs” from blogging when it becomes a chore instead of fun. As a result I am looking for a process to document my travels separately for my daily blog. More to follow on this decision as it forms.

I do want to again thank you for following my adventure here and using the Amazon link for making your purchases. Also when you leave comments or questions.

Until next time, Safe Travels…Gary

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  1. You might set up a free blog on WordPress, log in your daily travel posts as a journal with photos. Then when you want to post them to your main blog you can import from the free blog. Take note that I have changed my blog address for the final time. I have deleted my .com domain and am going with the free blogger domain. You can click my name to go to the site and reset your bookmark if you have one.


    • Thanks for the suggestion Steve. I may convert to the free one at some point. It gets expensive after awhile. I decided to wait until I am on the road again in two weeks before experimenting with changes. Too much going on here 🙂


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