My First Desert Boondock

Travel Journal – April 4, 2016
Plomosa Road Camp

Plomosa Road Camp

On the Road Again

My first “desert boondocking” experiment went well. No surprises, thanks to those who went before me and made good notes on their blogs. It was a time of rest and reflection after leaving my busy months in the Mesa area. The solar panel worked as expected, even on the rainy day. I am learning how to “juggle” my power usage when it rains. I believe that sometime in the near future I will be upgrading my power options. Possibly adding a few hundred watt panels to the roof of the Coach. Maybe even investing in a 2000 watt generator.

On Sunday morning we leave our Boondock camp on Plomosa Road. Once on the highway we drive a short distance to visit the “Pit Stop” to empty our waste water tanks. There are several options for servicing your rig here in Quartzsite, but the Pit Stop is definitely set up for volume traffic. They fill propane tanks, have a dump station and a place to fill your fresh water tanks or bottles. After completing our chore, Jagger and I hit the highway West, headed for the South entrance of Joshua Tree National Park. There we will be staying one night before continuing our adventure to Orange County, California.

Joshua Tree South Entrance BLM

Soft Sand

Soft Sand

After driving a few hours on desolate Interstate 10, we started experiencing wind gusts up to 20 MPH and I slow way down. I’m glad there is only about 30 miles left to travel before exiting the Interstate. When we finally exit it’s only a short a short distance until we turn left on the narrow one lane BLM dirt road.  I think the softer sand here may be as a result of heavier traffic. Most campers seem to stay overnight like we are and then move on, but there were a few that had been there awhile.

After setting up our camp, which consisted of putting out the solar panel, since we are only staying one night. Jagger and I went for our evening walk along the road in front of our campsite. On returning to the Coach, I fixed dinner and relaxed in the cool desert evening.

Final Leg to Orange County

Monday morning our travels continue to O’Neil Park in Orange County California. Jagger and I will be staying the full 14 limit. Since living in the Southern California area all of my life before retirement, I get all my annual doctor and dental checkups completed during this time with those I have come to trust over the years for my care. To get all of these done, I will be attending scheduled appointments for seven of the fourteen days I am staying here. Some days I will have multiple visits.

On my travels this year, I have had a few minor health “hiccups” and my primary doctor suggested I have some tests completed to verify they are only minor events. He concern is my travels to isolated areas at times.

Having been gone for over a year. I’m noticing as I approach the Southern California metropolitan area, that the drivers are still crazy here! I merge onto the 91 freeway from the Interstate 215, headed South to the beach. The area is full of road construction, still! This has been going on for years. They finish one section, then move on down the road, finish it then come back a redo what the just finished a year or two ago. I guess this is similar to all growing areas and that would include here. This was one of the reasons I was pretty much done with California. Just too many people. That and the Taxes.

Has Southern California gone completely nuts? As I am merging, since the construction narrows the freeway, I have my turn signal on and this small car to my left moves up. What, can’t he see I need to get over? I slow, doesn’t help he is oblivious so I start to ease over and get a rude honk, but I just keep easing over a little at a time and he eventually gets the idea and slows down letting me merge. Really, I don’t have a choice, I’m over fifty feet in total length and over 20 tons. My lane is ending! After a mile or so he passes me. Whaaat? His license plate is Arizona. Since being in Arizona for over five months, I am aware their driving skills have diminished over the last few years also. They have to be the worst for tailgating. Okay it’s official Arizona drivers are worse than California 🙂

Finally this afternoon we arrive to our favorite site at O’Neil Park. It has lots of trees with just enough sun to charge our battery with solar panels during our stay. Now let the chaos begin 😉

Until next time, Safe Travels…Gary



2 replies

  1. I would agree, found crazy drivers everywhere. Is it do to lack of respect for the law? I don’t know, just worse is heavily populated areas. I guess too much solar is when you can’t afford anymore. 😉


  2. Crazy drivers are everywhere it seems! Glad the solar is working out for you, but you can never have to much!! Safe Travels!


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