Lake Elsinore Stop Over

Travel Journal April 18, 2016
Our O'Neil Camp

Our O’Neill Camp

Earlier this clear morning, Jagger and I packed up our O’Neill Regional Park Campsite in Orange County, California. We are heading over the scrub covered Santiago mountains on the way to our next camp, Lake Elsinore. As we travel again on the 91 freeway East, I reminisce about my preceding two weeks.

O’Neill Looking Back

Dominating my time here at O’Neill Park, was the many doctor visits and one dental visit, that I had scheduled months ago. I was due for my annual doctor’s visit and at his suggestion last February, I had made an appointment with the Cardiologist. After some minor surgery by my regular doctor, several tests requested by the Cardiologist, and finally a visit and procedure completed by my Gastroenterologist. I’ve been declared healthy to travel another year. All my caregivers seem to be interested with my lifestyle as a “Retired Vagabond” and know I desire to do this for years to come (as long as I am able to and still enjoy the travel). They all assured me I had many healthy years to travel. I love hearing that, but we know there are no guarantees.

The Fun Part

How come he got the best chair?

How come he got the best chair?

Jagger and I were able to enjoy O’Neill a few days, lounging around camp, going for short hikes, and entertaining one of my grandchildren for a weekend. We rode our bikes and had a grand old time. I also enjoyed spending time with my Son and his wife. We had some great meals at their home and a few at restaurants nearby. Also I was able to meet up with a few friends several times to enjoy each others company, talk about life and the recent bankruptcy of my past employer, The Orange County Register.

Unfortunately many of our associates lost their positions and are now unemployed. Many that remain employed are struggling to adjust to new supervisors in what might be considered, at the very least, an uncomfortable situation. Some may lose their positions or experience reduced salaries in the near future.

Fortunately most of us retirees are not affected, as the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), a federal agency similar to the one overseeing our banking accounts should a bank fail, has taken over the underfunded pension account. Going forward they will manage the disbursements of funds to the remaining retirees.

Arriving At The Lake

Our short two hour drive is coming to an end. We exit Interstate 15 at Lake Street, winding our way around side streets to Riverside Drive where the lake comes into view. It’s been a few years since I have been here. In a few short blocks we turn into the Roadrunner RV Park and check in at the office.

After checking in the Host helps me back in my Coach and get settled. Here Jagger and I will take long walks by the lake and enjoy time with family living in the area. Also my cousin, who I haven’t seen in many years will be visiting from Colorado for a few days.

Until next time, Safe Travels…Gary

More Photos: Lake Elsinore Visit

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