Nostalgia in Elsinore

I sincerely hope you weren’t impacted by my Domain Hosting transfer during the last week. I believe everything has been switched over to the new hosting company now. I have had several issues with my site going down or being slow over the past few months, so I switched the Retired Vagabond site hosting to another company. I am in hopes this will correct the slowness and many short down times. So far their support team has been stellar.

Travel Journal – April 22, 2016

Yesterday I met my friend Jose for lunch at El Torito in Corona. Jose and I worked at The Orange County Register many years together. Since I have been retired over two years now, I look back at what I miss. I remember some of the challenges on the job, but mostly the fun I had everyday working on computers and systems. Crazy huh? I enjoyed going to work almost everyday, but I don’t really miss it, I’ve moved on to retirement life. What I do miss is the daily interaction with friends and associates. It’s nice to be able to get together with a few of them each year when I pass through Orange County. I think next year I will plan on staying a little longer. Below are a few of the photo memories I have collected along the way.

Fun at Elsinore

I continue to enjoy the company of my cousins; Barbara, Ken and his wife Teresa, and my Aunt Jean, during my stay at Elsinore. We had many meals together, dining out and in their home. Barbara eventually had to return to Colorado, but I stayed another week, just to wear out my welcome 😉

Over the next few days, I met Ken at Del Taco there in Lake Elsinore. Apparently there was an “old gentlemen’s luncheon” most days around noon. There we talked about sports, cars, politics, all the “old men” conversations 😉 Also Ken and I took on a little table billiards one day, something we did a lot of in our younger years. I won’t tell who got slaughtered, but it wasn’t Ken!

Travel Journal – April 29, 2016
Lake Elsinore

Lake Elsinore

Jagger and I walked down to the lake early this morning. It was another beautiful day in Lake Elsinore. While walking along the shore Jagger sticks his toes in to test the water. Excited he runs and jumps. Then we walk on back to the Coach. After breakfast I did some maintenance on the Coach’s batteries. The batteries were overdue for maintenance, but as it turns out they didn’t need any water and the specific gravity looked good. I believe we are all set for the next month of boondocking in the Bishop and Mammoth lake areas. Also today I changed out the new water hose for the Coach. The first one I bought seems to be starting to deteriorate. Also I changed out the water filter, which was overdue. It seems as though there is always something needing my attention. I was glad to get these two items completed today.

The Car Show

This afternoon Ken and Teresa picked me up at the Coach and we headed down to Escondido, California for the Friday Summer Car Show. It’s hosted by the city and local merchants. We had a great meal at the “Continental Delicatessen” and then walked the festive streets until we couldn’t walk another step. This event is heavily attended and many participate, showing off their handiwork on their cars.

Kettle Coffee and Tea

Kettle Coffee and Tea

As we headed back to the car we spot a coffee shop, the Kettle Coffee and Tea. We can’t pass that up, so we drop in for a coffee and dessert. It was a relaxing time, enjoying each other’s company.

Once back at the car we head home and turn out the light on another fine day.

Travel Journal – April 30,2016

Saturday Lunch

Today I am meeting Lisa for lunch, again at the Claim Jumper in Tustin. I met Lisa when I started with the Register in 1987. Over our careers we crossed paths multiple times. The last ten years or so, she took a position working directly with me as a Analyst. We visited for the better part of two hours. Again talking about old times and where the Orange County Register was headed with the new owners. Change is always happening. We are along for the ride, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

After lunch I headed back to Lake Elsinore and met my cousins for dinner once again at the local Coffee Shop. After dinner we said our goodbyes as tomorrow I will be in Costa Mesa with my Son and Daughter-in-law. So this will be the last visit we have until my next swing through California.

Time has come again to say until next time, Safe Travels…Gary

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