Orange County Loop Final Day

Travel Journal – May 1, 2016

Sunday morning, our last day at our camp here at Lake Elsinore. I’m experiencing the sadness I feel when I leave family and friends, moving on to another location. Of course it’s mixed with the excitement of traveling and seeing new places.

After poking around this morning I scramble to get ready to leave once again for Orange County. This morning I will be attending the late church service in Costa Mesa with my Son and Daughter-in-law. I again tackle the 91 freeway, but since it’s early on a Sunday morning the traffic is light. I arrive a little early, but that’s okay, I have a chance to check my phone and my blog.

Wahoo's Crystal Court

Wahoo’s Crystal Court

Lunch at Crystal Court

After the service ends, we discuss where to eat lunch. We decide to eat at Wahoo’s Restaurant. I place that specializes in Fish Taco’s. The one we meet at is Crystal Court in Costa Mesa. A large shopping mall that’s part of the “South Coast Plaza” shopping mall.

When we arrive I approach through a underground garage structure that is a tight fit for the Workhorse. I hesitate at the height warning sign, but proceed. I have made this trek before and I know I fit, be it by only 2 inches.

I park and go up the stairs to the floor Wahoo’s is located on. The mall is very busy, so is Wahoo’s. Apparently there is a special event at the mall. Justin and Caitlen arrive, we order and have a great lunch. One thing about eating at Wahoo’s, besides the great flavors, most of the items are healthy. Not your typical fast food place.

After lunch we decided to walk around the mall and check out the displays. The Spring Garden show was held for one week and we arrived on the last day. Inside the mall, on all of the levels, there were displays on the main walkways. Some just selling plants, but most included a wide array of displays. From the very simple to full patios, with fountains and lighting. It was an enjoyable walk, for exercise and observing the crowd and displays.

Ending our walk we went to the parking area and said our goodbyes. I will be seeing them in another month when we meet near Mammoth Lakes, California for a family camping experience.

Lake Elsinore Campsite

Lake Elsinore Campsite

I then got in the Workhorse and went back to Lake Elsinore. This evening I pack up some of the exterior items, getting ready to make the drive to Lone Pine, California tomorrow. Looking forward to being on the road again.

Until next time, Safe Travels…Gary


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