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Travel Journal – May 16, 2016

I pull the Workhorse into our new campsite and set up the Coach for an overnight stay. I’m excited to be able to plug in today. It’s been two weeks since the Coach had electricity, it seems even longer. It’s funny how spoiled you can get knowing you have all the conveniences of those things that require electricity. This is the longest I’ve been without it, but I am sure there are more stays which will be even longer in my future. What do I think about doing first? You had a hint in the last post…vacuuming! It seems like Jagger is always shedding, but it’s even worse. I think they call it “blowing” his coat. Literally handfuls of fur coming out daily. Okay that’s gross, moving on.

As I am putting out my slides I hear something different in slide #3, the bedroom slide. There is a “grinding” the last few seconds as I am putting it out. I go into “freak out mode” wondering why it’s doing that and what it will cost to have it fixed. It’s amazing how fast I can fall into that thinking 😦 Mostly because I am still learning and always think the worst.

I shake my head to clear it and try to get myself thinking more positive. Will ignoring it make it go away? Maybe. I finish putting together our camp and setup the TV for watching later tonight 🙂 Then I get the laundry together and march over to the laundry room. I’m only here a day and can’t afford to dilly dally.

Jagger relaxing in his favorite chair

Jagger relaxing in his favorite chair

When I return from my chore I get out the vacuum before remaking the bed and do a thorough vacuuming job high and low. While Jagger relaxes and watches me clean up his mess! In two weeks the amount of hair and fur is remarkable. I empty the vacuum canister twice. After I finish I think; now that feels better.

As the day turns into afternoon I decide to dial the number to Grand Design, looking for someone to hold my hand. Figures, I waited too long and they are already closed since they are located in Indiana and on Central Time. I leave a message stating my problem and hang up the phone. What now…turn on the TV and forget about it for tonight. Later I make that second trip to the Grill restaurant for dinner, it was worth it. Great meal.

Travel Journal – May 17, 2016

Morning Decision

I wake early to the moving Coach. The wind has come up over night. I check the weather on my cell phone and see the wind will continue all day. It’s only 20 mph, but another negative for me. I decide to stay another day. After getting ready I go down to the office to make arrangements.

When I get back the phone rings, it’s Brad from Grand Design the Coach’s manufacturer. After I explain my situation with my slide. Brad proceeds to walk me through some tests to identify the problem. As it turns out Brad used to work for Lippert, the manufacturer of the slide component used in making the Bedroom slide. After hanging up I try “realigning” the slide by opening and closing it several times to resync the motors. It seems to work. So I’m one happy camper, thanks Brad and Grand Designs, again.

Jagger and I go for a few walks around the campground throughout the day and just take an easy thoroughly enjoying my stay here. Tomorrow we will head out for Bishop and move one more step closer to Montana.

Until Next time, Safe Travels…Gary


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  1. Ongoing tech support from the manufacturer is a wonderful thing!! Poor Jagger, bet he feels bad for making you do all that vacuuming!!


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