Fallen Leaf Lake – A Friend Visits

It seems like I can’t for the life of me keep up on my travel journals. Most days it doesn’t seem like there is much to add, but I still remain almost a month behind! How does this happen? Last summer I had to skip over some wonderful times and places to get caught up, but before you know it, I am behind again. Maybe I need to travel even s-l-o-w-e-r or be more diligent with my posts. It takes me approximately two hours to write a single journal entry, with all the photos and details.

I’m taking decent notes and pictures as I travel. Someday when I’m not able to travel, I will have time to expound on my experiences. Today is a perfect day for catch up. The wind is blowing 25 mph plus and rain is on the horizon. Many travelers are checking in early due to the road conditions. The flag is flapping straight out today. Is this still Summer?

Travel Journal – June 2, 2016

Arriving Fallen Leaf Lake

I wish there was a way to take pictures safely as I drive. The few I grab are from my phone mounted to my front windshield during travel. The scenery changes so much along our travel route and usually when the great views come up, there is no turn outs to stop.

On the road again

On the road again

Today we’re driving from Mammoth Lakes, California to Fallen Leaf lake, California. I enjoy the travel, experiencing change and new places including the driving. I’m not sure if Jagger enjoys the driving or not, though he does get excited when I tell him we are going in the truck. Once inside he lays down in the back seat. If he is warm he immediately drops to the floor. There he has his own private AC vent.

To get to our next camp I had to drive up and down steep grades with mountains and green forests. Then through South Tahoe at 6,500 feet elevation.

It’s beautiful, except for the crowded streets and too numerous buildings. A lot has changed from what I remember as a young man. Finally Jagger and I arrive at Fallen Leaf Lake campground. I visited this park once before in 1983, when my children were very young. In fact Janessa wasn’t even born. Somewhere I have those pictures packed away in my California storage to never be seen again.

Shortly after I set up our camp, Jagger and I have a visitor. Sydney, my friend who I’ve known for many years, arrived from the California coast, where she now lives.

She will be camping with us here at Fallen Leaf Lake for almost the entire week. Fun times ahead. I always enjoy our company together and we have a lot of catching up to do. I’ve heard rumors she is going on another yachting adventure with some friends.

She quickly unloads her car and settles in. Shortly after that we go for an afternoon drive. After cruising around the lake we stop at the grocery store for a few items.

Tonight we will be enjoying a barbecue, along with some great company.

Evening Lake Tahoe South Shore

Evening Lake Tahoe South Shore

Safe Travels…Gary

More Photos: Fallen Leaf Lake – Lake Tahoe

3 replies

  1. Thanks for your insight Ingrid. I will have to come to terms with my tardiness too someday I guess.

    Tahoe is still growing way too fast for such a small area. Fallen Leaf lake is a nice campground, with nice hiking trails and excellent rest rooms and showers (new since I was there). It’s far enough away from the more busier area’s. The only bad thing is they don’t have a sewer dump!.

    I went to a State Park down the street run by the hotel, I believe they charged $10. After you pull up to the dump station you have to go across the street to pay at the office (when I was there). Many campgrounds are expanding, including the state parks. Just a lot of people.


  2. We camped at Lake Tahoe over 30 years ago. We’ve been talking lately about next year being the year to explore northern CA. Seems something always seems to come up to change our plans. Fingers crossed we’ll finally make it back there. And I too am always way behind with my posts. I’ve come to terms with it 🙂


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