Generator Decision

Travel Journal – June 3, 2016

Good morning, It’s a nice sunny day and the Solar package is doing its job even though there are many trees around my camp as you can see. Not as thick as it was at Twin Lakes, but nevertheless still a challenge for adjusting my solar package.  Over the last month while “Dry Camping” I have been experiencing periods where, due to trees or the weather, my solar panel hasn’t been able to fully charge the batteries during the day. Nothing critical resulting in dead batteries, but enough to fuss about it adjusting the panels several times throughout the day. What’s worse is when I go exploring and miss opportunities to make a needed solar panel adjustment. I’ve been thinking, do I invest in more solar panels or maybe spring for a 2000 watt generator? More to come on that and sooner than I think.

Evening Lake Tahoe South Shore

Evening Lake Tahoe South Shore

After finishing breakfast with some good conversation, Sydney, Jagger and I pile in the Workhorse and go for another drive. Sydney grew up here part of her early years, so as we drive she tells me about all the changes and her old hangouts.

Except for the crowds, Tahoe is a beautiful area. We stop a few times, Including a grocery stop and then head back to camp to relax outdoors in the warm afternoon sun, then enjoy a barbecued meal tonight.

Travel Journal – June 4, 2016.

More Decisions

Today, after many days of stressing out my analytical side, I asked Sydney if she would like to take a drive into Carson City for a little shopping. It’s a pleasant drive, about an hour away down the mountain. There we did some shopping and I found a store that had a Honda 2000 watt generator. Well, I made the decision and brought it back to camp, after making a fuel stop.

Camp Fallen Leaf

Camp Fallen Leaf

After adding oil and fuel, I fired up that little guy and let it run a little while, then we had dinner. Look close in the picture here. At the back of the Coach on the ground in camouflage is my new addition.

Sydney had brought a collection of movies with her so the first night with the generator we watched a movie. It was a real treat for me as I hadn’t been watching much TV, in fact, it had been almost a month since I had seen any Television.


I’m glad I made the decision to get the generator as it gives me a little flexibility on how I travel. We’ll see what I think further down the road. I’ve listed my deciding factors in making the purchase here:

  1. Backup for the solar package on days where the weather isn’t cooperating or I’m parked in shaded campsites.
    • This was the biggest reason and will allow me to camp more in State and Federal parks which are my favorite.
    • Camping in State (other than California), on BLM land and Federal forests, is a way to save a little on my budget.
  2. I like to be able to add air pressure, when needed, to my Coach’s tires before leaving every camp. I chose an AC air pump early in my adventures.
  3. I can keep up with vacuuming! Yes, Jagger’s fur is an ongoing issue 🙂 and was a factor in my decision.
    • DC vacuums just don’t do the trick for the volume of fur I’m talking about.
  4. Running the microwave, watching TV and all the other conveniences are nice but weren’t really that important in the decision-making process for me.

Travel Journal – June 8, 2016
Tahoe Sky

Tahoe Sky

Last Morning Coffee Fallen Leaf

Last Morning Coffee Fallen Leaf

Sydney had to leave Fallen Leaf Yesterday. A couple of days before I did. Her vacation was over and she had to get back to work, but not before we had one last hike to Fallen Leaf Lake. Jagger was so excited to go on a hike with us and he did well. We only met a couple of dogs along our walk. Jagger struggled as usual but did okay with us keeping a distance. Unfortunately, I forgot my CAMERA! So after camping a week only a half mile hike from the Fallen Leaf Lake, I didn’t get any pictures of it. 😦

After Sydney left, just as when my family left, Jagger and I were on our own again. 😦

Today I will be getting us ready for another move. This move will take us East through Nevada. I’m looking forward to this camp on BLM land.

Safe Travels…Gary

More Photos: Fallen Leaf – Lake Tahoe

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