Water Canyon A Quiet Place

Travel Journal – June 9, 2016

When I woke up I realized it was moving day and jumped out of bed, excited to get started. Today I am moving to my first camp in Nevada. Granted I will only be there one night, but I will be moving again towards my goal. The furthest point East for this year. That would be Pompey’s Pillar near Worden, Montana.

As I was putting Jagger in the Workhorse, I took one last look and my camp here at Fallen Leaf, then got in the truck and pulled away. I now need to drive to another campground just a few miles away. I pull out on to the main highway for just a few miles, then pull into the campground and up to their Dump Station. I can’t believe Fallen Leaf doesn’t have a Dump Station, especially since it’s such a large facility. Well not that I have a sour taste for California politics, it was my home state for most of my life, but they do seem to gouge you everywhere you turn around. The full price overnight camping fee is $33. No hookups and no Dump Station. That’s dry camping! which is free to $10 on BLM and some National Forest properties. Of course they do have water access and really nice rest rooms and showers.

20160609_145223After I pay the Dump fee of $10, I pull away headed to Water Canyon BLM, just east of Winnemucca, Nevada. We have a pleasant drive on a sunny day and arrive at our new camp around 3 PM. It looks like we have our choice of spots and I pick a nice roomy one next to some mature cottonwood and aspen trees. Leveling the Coach was a little challenging, but definitely a beautiful site right next to stream and It’s FREE.

My setup here will be sparse, since we are moving again in the morning. On completion of the Coach’s setup Jagger and I go for a walk down the canyon. I let Jagger off leash briefly and he enjoys a little freedom. Then a couple of trucks pull in and few ATV’s start appearing. I guess people are getting off work Jagger, let’s go back to the Coach.

20160609_171912I parked the Workhorse at the back of the Coach so I didn’t need to lift the generator out of the truck bed. By the time I finish setting up camp, it was time to start the generator and enjoy some of the modern conveniences. I’m getting spoiled. I’m not fond of the generator noise, but the Honda 2000 isn’t bad, especially in the bed of the truck. That seems to block the noise somewhat.

After dinner I enjoy a Longmire episode on my TV and a little reading before bed time. This time tomorrow we will be in Eastern Oregon.

Safe Travels…Gary

More Photos: Water Canyon

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  1. Gary, I LOVE your posts, and look forward to the day when Laurie and I might be able to wander the country–like you’re doing. Until then, I’m living vicariously through you!



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