The Oregon Trail – Farewell Bend

Travel Journal – June 10, 2016
The Canyon

The Water Canyon

That was a short camp! Right after breakfast I hitch up the Coach in preparation to leave for Oregon. I enjoyed the one night camp here at Water Canyon, but today we are moving north again.

Jagger and I take one last walk up Water Canyon this morning, then we load up in the Workhorse for our drive to Farewell Bend State Park in Oregon. Farewell Bend State Park located along the Snake river, just inside the Oregon state line, in a small city named Huntington.

This area became famous in the 1800’s as the final resting spot for settlers who had traveled the Oregon Trail from Independence, Missouri. Those stopping here knew they had a rough trail ahead and they let their livestock feed on the grassland and water in the Snake river. After their rest they would be crossing many miles to the Columbia River. Then they would head further west to Oregon City where the trail ends.

Great day for a drive

Great day for a drive

Again today, we have great weather for a drive which becomes a long one. After six plus hours we pull into the State Park around 3 PM.

No one was at the gate so I had to look at my confirmation email and compare it to the chart of campsites and map on the wall, then we wind around through several loops to finally come to our campsite. It was a roomy one on the end and full of gnat like bugs, at least they didn’t bite.

The Snake River - Farewell Bend SP

The Snake River – Farewell Bend SP

At this camp I have electricity, so the generator gets a rest for a few days. We also have nice a view of the Snake River, but it’s a bit walk down to it. The favorite amenity here is the dog park, and it’s huge. Jagger and I found it this afternoon after camp was set up and the best part was no other dogs were here at the park. Jagger took off running and didn’t stop.

Travel Journal – June 11, 2016
Farewell Bend State Park

Farewell Bend State Park

I booked six days here at Farewell Bend so I would have a few days for exploring. As it turns out, since I don’t fish or have a boat, I could have booked less days. The nearest Museum or attraction of any kind was over an hours drive one way. The State Park was a nice one however, and had many places to go for long walks.

Today Jagger and I drove to Weiser, Idaho to pick up some groceries. It was about a hours round trip drive through some pretty country. Mostly farms along the Snake river. Weiser is a nice little town, set up in a unusual manner, but probably due to the fact of it’s age. Also the people here were friendly.

On our way home I took another, not so scenic, but faster route. When we got back to the Coach I unloaded our groceries and we went for a walk down to the Snake river. Afterwards I read and took an easy for the evening.

Travel Journal – June 15, 2016

It’s our last day here at Farewell and I think of my daughter, Janessa and her youngest son Seth. It’s their birthday today and I will miss it once again. The negative part of traveling as I do. Late morning I give them a “Happy Birthday” call.

Jagger and I went for another drive in the opposite direction this afternoon to the bustling city of Huntington. When we arrived I noted there was a gas station and several small markets and maybe two eating places. Very quiet town and a nice own to live in if you like a slower life, as I do.

Arriving back at camp I spent some time packing up our camp in preparation for our move to Washington tomorrow.

Safe Travels … Gary

More Photos: Farewell Bend State Park

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  1. Excellent pancakes at the restaurant in Huntington..The old brick building being restored…Come to remember, nice dinner also.
    It was a few years ago and I hope they are still in business.


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