Finally Legendary Montana – Thompson Falls

On The Road to Montana

Several of our last stays were in areas chosen for the location along our route to Montana. They didn’t have much to offer as far as sights to visit. Still I enjoy the travel and days of relaxing, reading and getting my chores done.

Passing through Idaho

Today we are finally passing through Idaho and traveling into Montana. Is there such a thing as traveling too slow?

Several of our last stays were in areas chosen for the location along our route to Montana. They didn’t have much to offer as far as sights to visit. Still I enjoy the travel and days of relaxing, reading and getting my chores done.

Checking In

Our first stop is Thompson Falls State Park (Review-Thompson Falls). One thing you can say about Montana is their State Parks are mostly smaller, but the value for Senior residents is large.

Here at Thompson Falls, I have a nice campsite in the trees, overlooking the Clarks Fork river and at $9 per night (regular price $18). Montana has not only a Senior discount, but also a resident discount.

As I drive into the park through the tall trees, I pull up to the small, well-kept park office on the left. The weather is perfect. Sunny with a few scattered white puffy clouds. The campground host approaches the Workhorse and introduces herself as Sharon. She with her husband have served this campground for seven years.

We finish the formality of checking in, I had reservations and Sharon already had the forms and place cards completed for hanging in the truck. We then visited for a while and I learned of her husband’s passing recently. She is a trooper and said she’s going to continue as the primary host of this small Montana State Park.

Preparing for the Fourth of July – Thompson Falls Montana

After checking in, Sharon directs us to our campsite, #008. Wow this is a nice site Jagger, especially for the price! We have a great view of the river and many trees around us.

Since I bought my Honda 2000 watt generator, I don’t worry about the trees anymore. Sure my 120 watt solar panel does most of the work deep charging the battery and supplies the energy I will need for the basics, including lighting. The generator however, allows me not to worry about the shade or if any rainy-cloudy weather in the forecast. Also I can use a few extras, like television, movies, microwave, tire compressor and yes vacuuming up after Jagger.

Enjoying the Afternoon at Thompson Falls

After setting up our camp for the week, I tie Jagger up between two trees and stretch out on my lounger. Does it get any better than this Jagger? Staring up at the blue sky and being thankful for all I have been given.

Then I bring out my cell phone, opening my latest book and reading about those who wandered this land long before I. The struggles they encountered would have discouraged us beyond hope. They definitely were a much hardier breed of people.

Safe Travels…Gary and Jagger

More Photos: Thompson and Kootenai Falls

5 replies

  1. Hi, I’m a retired teacher in California. Last year camped with my friend Montana, Idaho , Colorado, Utah. And loved the life style. Now I’m planning a solo trip with my black lab Negrito. How realistic is it for a senior woman to travel solo ?


    • Hi Sonia and thanks for joining the conversation. Sounds like you and your friend traveled in some great areas, with lots to see and visit. The short answer to your question is “Very Realistic”!

      I started my current lifestyle right after I retired at 66 years old. Shortly after that getting a new Aussie puppy full of energy. Starting this lifestyle as a “Senior” does have some concerns, but I believe the excitement of a new adventure is what keeps us young and moving.

      Of course your health can be limiting and what you can do full time revolves around your health currently. I have a dentist currently in California (I’m originally from there), Montana and last year had a dental emergency in Georgia, finding a great dentist there too. I still visit my doctor of many years in California and email him with concerns. On my travels I have visited walk ins in Tennessee and Arizona. I also have a doctor now in Arizona. It gets a little confusing, but keeping good notes helps.

      I don’t want to overwhelm you, maybe I already have, but planning ahead makes this all doable. has been doing this for a lot longer than I have and they have some great information for us newbies including Health insurance, travel tips and stlyes.

      If you have specific questions you can ask here and I or maybe a follower will chime in or you may email directly with questions, I would be happy to answer if I can or direct you to a resource. Also there are links of other blogs doing similar travels that I am on my blog located on the right side of any individual post labeled “BLOGS I’M FOLLOWING”.

      Also there are some “Solo” RVing groups, some just for ladies. Here is a popular one that has some good resources:

      Enjoy the process, that’s part of the fun 🙂


  2. She is a nice lady. I enjoyed our visits during my stay. Please tell her hi for me. I wish the park was closer, but I will definitely be back the next time I swing through Montana from the West 😉 Thanks for leaving a comment Janet.


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