Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park

Travel Journal – June 30, 2016
Beautiful Morning

Beautiful Morning

Good morning. Jagger and I are up and packing up camp. Thompson Falls was a great camp. Jagger and I really enjoyed our quiet time here, but we have run out of days and our site was reserved by another visitor for today. Today we will travel to Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park. The weather has been a little on the warm side. I consider it warm when the mercury goes over 84 any day, so we get an early start.

Where Is The Dump Station

Afternoon Snooze

Afternoon Snooze

The only negative we experienced here at Thompson Falls camp is they don’t have wastewater dump. Since it’s is pretty remote, there aren’t many options close. I’ve learned the private parks don’t allow anyone not camping at their park to dump, so we’ll have to drive a hundred miles with our waste tanks about half full. Not optimal, but I have no other choice. In Missoula we will go to Bretz RV, not my first trip there. If you remember I had some warranty work done here several times when I was staying at my homebase two years ago (Repairs 2014). My experience was less than stellar, it took over a month for them to complete the repairs. Since this was my first RV of any kind, I have later learned that this is normal behavior from most RV dealers. Pretty sad statement, but true.

Traveling East to Missoula

After over an hour of travel we arrived at Bretz RV and I discovered they had moved the Dumping Station across the small street. The new area is so much better than the cramped area they had before. Before dumping I park and go into their store. I am looking for a 30 AMP extension for the new Honda generator and they have it in stock. This will allow me to leave my generator in the Workhorses bed when I am running it. This allows a little more security and the truck bed act’s as a sound buffer to some degree.

Most Favorite Time - NOT

Most Favorite Time – NOT

I pay for my purchase, then go back out to Jagger waiting in the Workhorse. We then pull the Coach into the Dump Station and complete the process. I must say they have done a great job designing the dump station and it free! By the time I disconnect another RV is waiting their turn. This is a very busy place. The Bretz RV and Boat center is huge and centrally located.  Jagger and I pull away, continuing our trip to our next camp, about another three hours away.

Arriving At Our Destination

Lewis and Clark State Park

When we arrive I have to enter a small parking area and turn my rig around to park. I then go into the main office which is large and contains a small gift shop. There I see someone sitting behind a desk who informs me my site is ready and just follow the signs to the campground.

I wish the signs would have just said “those with reservations, just drive to your site”. We do and pull up to site B004.

The campground is rather large, including vault and flush toilets with showers. Also a large Group Area that is booked for this coming weekend. Just across the highway is the Jefferson River. I hear it does have fishing and boating opportunities. I back the Coach into it’s resting place for the next five nights. Then we set up our camp and go for a walk.

Farms near Lewis and Clark SP

Farms near Lewis and Clark SP

My plan for camping here was to book a Montana State Park site to get us past the Forth of July holiday. With my resident discount and the senior discount, it’s very affordable. I didn’t make reservations far enough in advance and my options were more limited. While the campground is very well kept, it doesn’t have many trees or shrubs to give a little privacy to your camp. Thank goodness there is plenty of room between camps though.

This part of Montana is very remote and can be a little desolate. From our camp it’s a least 45 minutes to a decent sized town with groceries etc., but the gas station-store nearby has a good supply of the basics.

Safe Travels…Gary

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