Beavertail Hill – Clarks Fork River

Travel journal – July 26, 2016

It seems like we’ve spend a lot of time along the Clark Fork River since we crossed the Montana state line. Now we are headed back West to our home base. Currently we are camped at Beavertail Hill campground, a State Park in Montana. I’ve tried to stay at State Parks here in Montana, because not only do I get a Senior’s discount, I get a resident discount too!

We arrived here yesterday afternoon and set up camp in time to enjoy dinner and spend the evening relaxing with a book after exploring our new camp.

Enjoying the afternoon under a treeToday, after a late breakfast, Jagger and I went to our local grocery store in Clinton, Montana. One of the nicest small country stores I’ve been to and very well stocked.

After finishing my shopping I went out to the Workhorse and loaded up while Jagger inspected every bag. For some reason this has become a ritual for Jagger. He never gets a treat for it, but must inspect every bags contents. After loading up and Jagger inspecting for bombs or whatever, we returned to the Coach only a short 10 minute drive on Interstate 90.

Campsite at Beavertail Hill SP

It’s turning out to be a beautiful day in the low 80’s and I spend it reading under the trees just outside the Coach. Tonight I will be cooking up some fish and fresh corn on the cob and tomorrow we will go into Missoula for an outing, getting some more serious shopping done and be a tourist for a few hours.

Travel Journal – July 27, 2016
Traveling Interstate 93 Once Again

Traveling Interstate 93 Once Again

I woke up early today, hoping to beat the hot weather that was forecast for Missoula. After a short walk around the campground, Jagger and I came back to the Coach for a quick breakfast. Just as I was finishing there was a knock at the door. After opening the door, a nice lady introduced herself as Angie. Her Mom had been stung three times and was in desperate need of some ice. Fortunately I had what she needed and retrieved it from the frig. Also I had some insect sting medicine I picked up at Wal-Mart recently. She thanked me and returned to her camp to treat her Mom.  Then Jagger and I loaded up in the Workhorse for our excursion to Missoula.

After arriving in Missoula, I made a few stops to pick up groceries and a few other items. As the temperature increased I had to put off the rest of my chores as it was just getting too hot for Jagger. I won’t leave him in the truck if the temperature gets above 75, even with the windows open, so I ate my fast food dinner in the truck with Jagger instead of enjoying a nicer meal in a cool restaurant. This seems to happen more often than I care to, but he is my sidekick. After finishing my meal, Jagger and I headed back to camp.

When pulling into my camp, I noticed a newer Cougar fifth wheel had moved into the camp across from us.  I didn’t see anyone around, but when Jagger and I went for a walk later, I met Kelly and his wife. It turns out they live about a half hour from my home base in Montana. We talked awhile and exchanged phone numbers and emails. The plan was, when I got home, I would look them up and we would make some plans to hang out.

😦 Kelly, I have looked everywhere and I cannot find the contact information.  So if you read this, please give me a shout out in the comments section below or email me. Maybe next year when I come home for a visit, your wife and I can meet up for a meal.

Tomorrow Jagger and I are going to visit Garnet Ghost Town, only an hours drive away.

Safe Travels…Gary

More Photos: Beavertail Hill State Park, Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center

Campground Review: Beavertail Hill State Park

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