Montana Home Again

Travel Journal – July 30, 2016
Campsite at Beavertail Hill SP

Campsite at Beavertail Hill SP

Jagger and I pack up our camp and once again head down the highway to Missoula. We are on our way home after two years of traveling around the United States. Since we left in Summer of 2014, we have been to: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Colorado, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wyoming, Washington, and West Virginia. It’s been a wonderful trip full of new sights and experiences. More exploring than I ever dreamed I would experience in my life.

Again reflecting, do I have the traveling bug out of my system yet? Short answer: No. I feel like I have just seen the tip of the iceberg. While traveling as a single person can be lonesome at times. Jagger is a lot of company and I have met so many people along my way, it seems to balance out. As I have mentioned many times, I miss my family, but reunions are wonderful and technology allows me to stay in touch as much as I want. An alternative retirement staying at home and missing all my family that doesn’t live close by wouldn’t be fun to me.

When arriving in Missoula, we head directly to Bretz RV. I need to empty my waste tanks since the Beavertail Hill campground didn’t have a dump and Bretz offers use of their facility for free.

After I finish disconnecting the Coach from the facility, we move on towards Hamilton. Only a little over an hour now and we will be home after towing our “Vagabond Home”, our Coach for over 15,000 miles during our absence.

An hour later we pull into Hamilton and crawl down the main street that runs through our small city. It feels strange to be here again after so long, but it does feel like home, even though we are gone most of the time. Finally we turn on our street and arrive at our home base.

Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Greeting Bob at the entrance to the property, we decide I’ll back the Coach in this time. The driveway is about the length of a football field, but snakes along making it difficult to back the Coach into it’s parking spot for the next few months.

I turn the Coach around at the corner and back down the street and into the driveway. After a frustrating period of time I stop and make the needed adjustment to level the Coach. We’re home Jagger.

It’s wonderful to be back at Bob and Janet’s home once again. I too call it home, it’s my official domicile for the record and my sister manages my mail. Here not only do they have “hook-ups” for my Coach, they have built a small guest house several years ago. This is the only long term place I’ve stayed outside of the Coach for over two years. Visiting here is like a breath of fresh air, a “traveler’s rest”.

I will be here about a month. Time to visit and get some maintenance done on the Coach and Workhorse, before moving South on my way to Arizona for the Winter.

Safe travels…Gary

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