A Root Canal

Montana Homebase

Montana Homebase

I’m up early today, enjoying a quick breakfast and cup of coffee while watching the room lighten.

After getting ready I rush off to Missoula leaving Jagger at the house. As you can see in the photo below, before I even leave Jagger somehow knows whats coming, but today it will be too warm to bring him along as much as I want too.

The Procedure

My mission today, traveling to Dr. Alan Rauckhorst’s office in Missoula. He will being performing a root canal on one of my teeth. No, I’m not excited in a good way, quite the opposite, but I will be glad to get it over with. Dr. Rauckhorst was highly recommended by my Montana dentist, Dr Molly Gannon, as I mentioned in my last post.

Sad Night

Sad Morning

On my arrival they took me right in and began to do an analysis. While the procedure wasn’t quite a normal one they were able to do it through an existing crown, saving the cost of buying another one. Their equipment seemed quite different than I am used to seeing in my regular dentist’s office and included a Dental Microscope. It was used by Dr Rauckhorst as he was performing my Root Canal. He showed me the drill bit he was using and it was so tiny, you could hardly see it.

I’m happy to say the procedure was successful and I went home a little lighter (it wasn’t cheap), but I’m glad to get the job done with very little pain. Dr Rauckhorst is not only a talented dentist, but a comedian. I would highly recommend him if your in the area and need dental work done.

Since I was passing Walmart on my way back to Hamilton, I decided to stop and pick up a few items. I was still numb so why not. The drive to Walmart from Hamilton is about an hour and our town while having all the necessities with a few large stores, does not have the big warehouse stores. For me, that’s a good thing. I like small towns.

After my short shopping trip in Walmart, I continue my drive back home. There Jagger excitedly greets me and the numbness wears off. Still pain was almost zero, but I rest by laying around the remainder of the day.

One more task completed and the days are growing close to an end. Only a few more repairs and a few more days until I again head South for the winter and to spend the holidays with my children.

Safe travels…Gary


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  1. Copied from my Facebook page: I actually wasn’t in hardly any pain. I pointed out to my regular Montana dentist that there was a small sore on my gum that would come and go.

    Ok this is a little gross, but it may help someone recognize the problem early. The sore was actually a “vent” from the root as it got infected. The endodontist used a very fine wire and followed it using x-ray straight to the root that was having the problem. That was the most painful part, but not unbearable, even without novacaine. I hope this helps someone get help early and avoid the pain and save the tooth.


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