The Farmer Market & Museum

Saturday Farmers MarketThe last Saturday I’m in town I visit the Hamilton Farmers Market. I’ve been here a few times during my visit this year, picking up fresh veggies and a trinket or two for the grandkids.

Today my primary focus is visiting the small county museum here in Hamilton. It’s located right in the middle of the Farmers Market area of our city that’s hosted each Saturday during the Summertime. After wandering through the museum, I will also have an opportunity to browse a little and hopefully find one of those homemade loaves of banana nut or zucchini bread.

The Ravalli County Museum is located in the old county courthouse and I discovered on my trip here today is quite small. Also I learned that on Farmers Market Day the entrance fee is waived. Wahoo.

I’ve included a few pictures here and a few more at the link provided below. The fact is, while there is a lot items on display and to read, the exhibits were scattered throughout the museum. I spent close to an hour here. A of lot that time I was reading the interesting collection of items from the past history of Hamilton and the County of Ravalli.

After weeks of enjoying the company of family and friends, It’s time to move on. I will finish stocking up supplies in my Coach and moving my “stuff” back into the closets and cabinets from the house. No more postponing, Saturday morning Jagger and I will hitch up the Coach and start on our trek South for at least the Winter…maybe longer.

During our packing today, I fill up the Refrigerator, freezer and pantry with items purchased at Costco in Missoula. Then I make one last stop at the Super 8 market here in our small town. Finally all the remaining outside items are stored in the basement and secured.

Jagger and I are physically ready to move on down the road. I’m not sure about the emotional part. It’s always sad to leave friends and family and it will take Jagger and I a few days to snap out of it and enjoy the new adventures. It’s a long ways South, about 1,100 miles and many days (over a month) before we will arrive in Mesa, Arizona.

Safe Travels…Gary

More Photos: Hamilton County Museum


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