Is Jagger Crying?

Do dogs cry with tears like humans? I was curious and looked it up “online”. While there are several articles are available I chose “Caesar’s Article“. He is my hero since I teamed up with Jagger. The short answer is no, but in some ways Jagger has been showing signs of sadness. He knows we are moving again.

Resting Together - Finley and Jagger

Jagger resting with his friend Finley

It started yesterday when he saw familiar signs of packing up and moving back into the Coach. Today as I do the final steps to hitch up the Coach to our Workhorse, Jagger plays with Bob, Janet and Finley.

Then when everything has been checked and double checked, I say a sad goodbye to Bob and Janet, while Jagger says goodbye to Finley and the huge play yard. Then we walk over to the Workhorse, load up and move out down the endless driveway.

Today the driveway seems even longer. As we pull out onto the street and eventually the highway leading to Missoula, I mentally say goodbye once again to Hamilton. Leaving never gets easier. Jagger is already moving on and excited to be on the road. It will take a little longer for me.

On The Road Again

On The Road

We are on the road again. Our destination is Philipsburg Bay Campground. It’s only about 280 miles. Once again we take the longer way through Missoula. The shorter way will not be a choice with the trailer, even though Google thinks it will be.

The campground is located on Georgetown Lake, Just outside of Philipsburg, Montana. I’ll post again when Jagger and I arrive at our camp there. I am looking forward to exploring Philipsburg and the surrounding area. I’ve been here once before four or five years ago and I definitely want to visit the world famous candy store!

Safe Travels…Gary

More Photos: Homebase Highlights

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  1. Feather always misses her cousin, Buddy each time when they part. They have so much fun playing together. When we go to Beaver, Utah, where Buddy lives they have even more fun running through the forest and swimming in the lakes. Riding in the boat while we fish is great fun for them as well. They loved other adventures together such as Flaming Gorge and Lake Powell. But just like Jagger once the goodbyes are said and we’re on our way Feather looks to news adventures to enjoy. When she sees Buddy again she will be as excited as ever. Love your post. Have fun and stay safe.


  2. After sitting in Phoenix for 3 months visiting with the kids, we’ll hit the road for Texas at the end of the month and Al and I are having mixed emotions. On one hand, we’re loving our time here and yet on the other, the coast is calling. Mixed emotions indeed. Safe travels!


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