Arrive Philipsburg Bay

After a half day’s drive with several breaks, Jagger and I turn onto Georgetown Lake road. It’s a decent paved road with a few pothole to avoid. We are only on it for a mile and a half before pulling into the campground on the Left. There was  view of the lake as we drove down the entry road, then turned left into the campground.

I don’t see the Camp Host when we pull in, so I stop at the information center boards typical of National Forest campgrounds. No maps, no posted lists of reservations or any additional information here. I get back in the Workhorse and pull out my phone. I look for the email confirmation I received for my reservation. Oh, we are on loop C Jagger. I pull a little further and see a sign, “Reversed sites are Loop C”. We continue forward on the narrow tree lined access road going over the aggravating speed bumps interspersed with the potholes.

Camp Phillipsburg Bay

Camp Philipsburg Bay

We pass Loop A, Loop B noticing the campsites I can see are empty. Finally we arrive at Loop C and… No Host. I do see that each campsite pedestal has a card with the name and dates of the reservation. We continue slowly around the loop so we don’t pass our site. Whoa, I didn’t see that tree was so close to the road as we loop around. Missed it by a foot, no problem. We continue around the loop until we near the end, there it is Jagger, our home for the next three nights nestled in the trees. It’s a nice site and I am thankful I was able to purchase my Honda 2000i Generator as my solar panel will be virtually useless here due to all the trees.

Camp Vistors

Camp Vistors

The back in angle is little tight so we move slowly, adjusting to find the right spot.  I must back in without hitting the ATM our neighbor across the way has parked close to the street. I get out and start to level my Coach when I hear my phone ringing. It’s my grandsons, Aiden and Seth calling to say hi. What a wonderful welcome on a somewhat sad day for me. Leaving family is always hard for me and especially the first day I’m back on the road. We talk and they remind me that they are waiting for me to arrive in Arizona and miss me. The conversation ends with my reminding them I will be in the mountains above their house in about three weeks. I finish setting up and call it home.

Tonight I will rest up. Since I’m only here three days I’ll only be able to visit a few of the points of interest.  I visited the historic town of Philipsburg, Montana once before with my Mom and Sister many years ago. We only spent a few hours here having lunch, walking around and visiting the famous Sweet Palace in town. I definitely want to hit that place before I move on.

Safe Travels…Gary

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