Last Drive Philipsburg to Anaconda

Georgetown Lake

Georgetown Lake

I’m going to miss the Georgetown Lake. Today we take another drive around the lake on our way to Anaconda. This will be our last drive before moving on to Idaho. There is a mixture of homes here, most are vacation homes. Some are very old, from another time. Most are well kept, some are mansions. I silently dream of buying property here back in the 60’s, when it seemed to be given away, compared to today’s prices.

As we leave the area on highway 1, we pass Silver Lake and drive along Silver Creek for awhile. I love Montana, almost everywhere I go there is beautiful scenes of mountains, lakes, rivers and meadows.

Anaconda is an older city that looks like the commercial area has gone through hard times. There still are some nice older areas that are very busy. We continue through town until arriving at a gas station next to the bowling alley. Here they have a free Waste Dump for the Coach’s tanks.

Georgetown Lake

Georgetown Lake

My goal for driving here was not to just enjoy the scenery, but to locate a waste dump and make sure it was still operating. There is and it’s relatively easy to negotiate the Coach on the property. I make a small purchase, then head back to camp.

Tomorrow the plan is getting up early and try to get on the road first thing. We have a long drive and we are going to another area I’m not familiar with.

Safe Travels…Gary

 More Photos: Philipsburg

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