Moving to Idaho

Our Camp - Phillipsburg Bay

Our Camp – Philipsburg Bay

Today we move to Idaho Jagger. We have to keep this buggy moving to meet our date for camping with the family in Arizona and we have friends and places to visit along the way. The coffee’s on the burner and I’m preparing Jagger’s gourmet breakfast, his usual menu of grain free kibble by Natural Balance.

Phillipsburg Bay Campground Road

Philipsburg Bay Campground Road

The plan is to be on the road by 9 am, as we have a five hour drive ahead of us. Since we dry camped here at Philipsburg Bay Campground for three days, packing up will be faster. I usually don’t set up my outside camp when staying for just a few days.

On The Road Early

I think this is the earliest we’ve been on the road. We pull out of our camp here at Philipsburg Bay and move on down the road. Jagger and I have been to Anaconda on our scenic drive yesterday to check out the area. That makes the drive today less anxious, especially that of pulling into a different dump station location.

When we arrive I find the dump station is open and we pull in along the planned route, which includes partially circling the block to arrive at the fixtures on the driver’s side.  After hooking up a fellow traveler pulls in behind us. He will have about a fifteen to twenty minute wait, as the Coach drains it’s tanks and I flush them out thoroughly.

The driver apporaches me as I am standing by the sewer and water connections monitoring the process. He asks; “is there is a freshwater fixture to fill the water tanks on my rig”. I tell him; “I haven’t seen one, only the fixture used to connect the dump flush lines”. I know the water coming out of these fixtures are the same city water, but there is NO WAY I would use it to fill my on board fresh water tanks. You never know how careful the people using it before you were. There is always the chance of backwash. I’ve seen people use the fixture for just that! Not me!

Since I was here yesterday and spoke to the staff, I tell him he should go inside and ask. They seem to be very helpful here. As it turns out they let him use their fresh water connection at the back of their building. You don’t often find people willing to go out of the way to help you, this place is different.

After I finish dumping the tanks, I pull the Workhorse out of the lot and around the partial block once again to line up with the Diesel fuel pumps. I fill my fuel tank and go into the store to purchase a few items for the road. I always like to support the businesses providing free services, like the dump station here.

Jagger and I continue our long drive south to Idaho, enjoying the scenery along the way.

Forest Road 058

Forest Road 058

I pass over a bridge on Highway 26, approaching the National Forest Road 058 turn off. After turning on the gravel road I continue forward, no signs to comfort me. Continue down the Google black hole. The Garmin GPS I purchased last May for this very reason, was already warning me this road’s ability to fit the Coach was “unknown”. Unfortunately this happens more often than I would like after my purchase, but it has also saved me many times from making worse decisions following Google.

After two miles of graded gravel road I reach a sign on the left, stating we had arrived at our destination. I turn in the access road which was also gravel, pretty well maintained, but with a few potholes.

At the kiosk there was a sign to see camp host. I pulled forward to his site then I stopped and a greeted a man whose name I later learn was Don. He showed me where to fill up my Coach with fresh water, as I will be dry camping here.

Falls Campground Entrance

Falls Campground Entrance

Walking around the campground

Walking around the campground

After our tank is full, I continue around the loop to the left, as Don had directed me, to a campsite with a big shade tree. Thank goodness as the temps could be in the 90’s this week. I then set up camp while Jagger hangs out and we call it home for the next week.

Resting tonight I research maps online, trying to determine our plans for the next few days. We will be visiting the Grand Tetons tomorrow.

Safe Travels…Gary

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