Back to the Future-Yellow Eyes

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Beautiful View from Homebase

Beautiful View from Homebase

A Merry Christmas

Yes, Jagger and I made it to Arizona for the holidays. Here, avoiding the snowy days at our home in Montana,  we are enjoying our “snow free”, warmer Christmas Holiday with our Arizona family, waiting for the New Year to arrive.

My schedule starts to fill up fast, leaving less time to keep up my blog, starting in early October. This seems to happen every year when we migrate South to Arizona. There is so much I want to share with you and my future self, when I’m too old to remember all the fun Jagger and I are enjoying while touring the USA.

Even now, as I write this post, I have skipped over several months of adventures to share the wonderful holidays while still being relevant. This is a real “kink” in my journaling style. For those following our posts, you know several days ago my post was about our stay at Whiting Campground in the National Forest near Provo, Utah. We were heading South for the Winter as the end of Summer was among us.

Now please forgive me as I go back in time, in hopes to share the moments I have skipped over most recently. Rest assured, I take good notes and hundreds’ of pictures along the way. We’ll get caught up together soon and be back in real time, which is my preferred method of sharing with you.

Whiting Camp near Provo Utah

Whiting Camp near Provo Utah

Whiting Camp

This morning Jagger and I left Maple Canyon where our Whiting Camp is located, for an area called Diamond Canyon. When pulling out of our campground, I stopped at the trash dumpster to deposit our trash. They sure make you work for it around here. Three rustic, unpainted steps just to get to the opening of the dumpster. I wonder why it’s necessary for such a big dumpster for such a quiet place.

Across the small paved street was the campsite of our host Diane. She had just hopped into her stylish golf cart to cruise the campground when she spotted my handsome sidekick loadin’ up into the Workhorse. We chatted for a bit about the local drama until Jagger reminded me we had things to do and places to see.

Waiting for the train

Waiting for the train

It’s about an hours drive to our destination today. We are traveling slow and enjoying the scenery. When turning on Highway 89, I felt as if I was having deja vu. “Haven’t we been here before, Jagger?” He wasn’t much help, taking a nap on the floorboard in the backseat of the Workhorse. It’s his favorite spot due to the AC vent located there. “This was one of the first highways we took while traveling North on our first road trip through Utah!”

In my excitement Jagger popped up his head, thinking there was something to be excited about. Quickly he realized there wasn’t, let out a soft groan and went back to dreaming about his buddies he would soon be reunited with. I, on the other hand, soaked in this special place while continuing to our destination.

Diamond Canyon

Jagger and I were on the hunt for new stompin’ grounds. Along the way we took a few breaks to stretch our legs and take pictures.

When we arrived at Diamond Campground, we drove around the loops exploring the campsites. “It’s lookin’ good Jagger, we need to add it to the list of places to hang our hats.” Jagger took note of the folks still savoring the nice weather and the Diamond Fork stream that was meandering through. The roads are paved, including the campsites, however there is some overgrowth that could enliven the entrance for someone pulling a fifth wheel or a larger motorhome.

Jagger Enjoying Some Freedom

Jagger Enjoying Some Freedom

After exploring, I turn the Workhorse around and head back to our hitchin’ post at Whiting Campground. I got the “look” from Jagger when it was time to pack up, as he was able to run off leash in a few deserted areas we briefly dismounted. But he grudgingly followed my command to load up in the truck, leaving the open land overlooking Diamond Fork Creek, and settled down in his most desired spot for the hour long drive back to camp.

Yellow Eyes – Heart Pumping

Whiting Campsite #25

Whiting Campsite #25

Jagger and I are camped along a creek with thick cottonwood trees. Once settled in from our outing, Jagger and I breathed in the fresh air and enjoyed the sound of the nearby creek. I started the generator as the night crawled over us, the thick cottonwood trees blocked out the moonlight, making it darker than usual.

Normally I am considerate of my neighbors, shutting off my generator around 8pm but Jagger and I were living on the “wild side” of the creek so I kept it on until 9pm, since we don’t have any neighbors. But don’t tell Jagger that, he thinks I’m tough when I break my rules.

During the evening, since the generator is on, I’m enjoying a couple of episodes of Longmire. Even Jagger appreciates a little TV, especially when it consists of dogs or horses running across the screen.

Once 9pm hit, I turn on the floodlights and start down the steps. Jagger waits at the door hoping for an invite, “Not this time buddy,” as I close the door. He lets out a little whimper and I hear him run up to my room and jump on my bed. He’s got a perfect view of my evening routine from my window. As I shut off my generator and lock up the Workhorse I think to myself, it sure is quiet in these parts. My route back to the Coach was another story.

IMG_0169What is normally a well lit, easy 20 feet seemed more like 20 yards the second I heard the leaves crackle in the brush nearby the creek. Now this wasn’t your typical squirrel trying to make it home in time for dinner. No, this was something a lot bigger, looking for dinner! My eyes immediately shifted towards the creek as I shined the LED flashlight I was carrying. There in the dark between some tree limbs were two yellow eyes staring back at me. My heart skipped a beat or two in the amount of time it took me to get back to the safety of the Coach. Jagger met me at the door, leaping at a chance to have a go at whatever was out there. I patted him on the head, “I think it’s better for you to sit this one out boy.”

Safe Travels…Gary
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Diamond Fork Creek

Diamond Fork Creek

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