Got My Hat – Off to Grand Canyon

Red Canyon Campground

After the morning routine, I decide to go for a walk around camp by myself. When I approach the door, Jagger doesn’t get excited like he normally does. Instead he gives me “the look” which he’s become such an expert. I wonder what is going through his head.

“Here we go again.. he’s putting his hat on and avoiding my look. This look usually works, maybe I need to tilt my head a little more. Nope, he hasn’t opened the door where my leash lives and he’s already walking over to the door where the outside lives. Oh well, I guess I’ll just lay here alone and get my beauty sleep. Somebody needs to have good looks to get us in for free to the park.

“I won’t be gone long,” I assure him. Hanging his head, Jagger goes up on the landing in front of the bedroom, lays down and sulks as I close the door behind me.

As I follow the path, moving away from the Coach I’m thinking. “I hope to say goodbye to the friends I have met here. Especially Terry, he was a very helpful friendly neighbor.” To my disappointment, everyone has already packed their saddlebags and rode out of camp for their day out or on to another camp.

On my way back, I meet a horse trainer, Mike from Kentucky. Today his group will ride to the top of Red Canyon. He is traveling in a truck, towing a horse trailer with living quarters. Out of CuriosityI ask if the campground had corrals for his horses. He responded, “No we dropped them off near Red Canyon.”

Jagger – 4 Months Old- Red Canyon Hike

I think to myself, Oh, “Jagger and I went for a hike in that canyon several years ago on our first trip north with the Coach. Jagger was only four months old at the time. It’s off of a gravel road several miles back from the main highway 12 leading into Bryce Canyon. I’ll never forget having to cross a steep, narrow trail first because Jagger refused to cross. Complaining he wouldn’t make it, he was probably right. He did follow me though!”

Red Canyon Arches

After visiting with Mike I continue on the trail back to camp. While walking I began to ponder, “it sounds like a wonderful adventure, riding in the wilderness. However, I don’t think even if I was invited I would be able to sit on a horse for the whole day. Ouch!”

When I got back Jagger was anxiously waiting at the door. You’d think I’d been gone a full day. He attacked me with friendly, welcoming kisses.

On the road again

It rained last night, thinning out the leaves on some of the trees with early Fall foliage. The temps are dropping into the 30’s tonight, but Jagger and I will be long gone. We should reach Jacobs Lake Campground on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona by dusk. We will be leaving our camp here at Red Canyon before noon today.

I pack up the Coach and prepare to hitch up to the Workhorse once again, using my “Departure Checklist“. Then an enthusiastic Jagger and I climb into the Workhorse and pull away from a successful camp. New adventures, new friends and a growing bond between my Sidekick and I. What more could I ask for, life is good.

Safe travels…Gary

More Photos: Red Canyon Arches

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