The Sheriff Whips The Pony

Our Camp Red Canyon Campground

Riding off from our Red Canyon Campground site, Jagger and I head West on Highway 12. Our goal is making camp at our next spot by late afternoon. I tried to reserve a campsite in the North Rim area, but everything was booked months in advance, so we’re staying a little further out. It’ll be about a half hour trip to the North Rim Grand Canyon National Park entrance from our camp at Jacob’s Lake Campground .

Slow and Steady

On Highway 12 at my usual speed of 55 to 60 mph, a few cars start to back up behind me. I look for a place to pull over and let them pass, but with none in sight, I continue my pace. By the way, the posted speed is 55 mph on this stretch of the highway.

On the road again

After trotting along for a few miles I see a dust cloud approaching fast, about five or so riders back. It’s starting to pass the whole herd. As it pulls near the rear of the Coach I see it’s a cowgirl. It’s then that I spot the Sheriff on side of the trail taking a break. She gallops past the Coach and Workhorse leaving a cloud of dust, not seeing the Sheriff.

You guessed it. After we all passed, the Sheriff whips his pony and hightails it after his prey. I feel bad (a little) for the gal trying to get ahead of the pack, but hey we’re doing the speed limit.

I look over at Jagger, who is now standing up after I say wahoo. If I didn’t know better I would say he has a smirk on his puppy face! “Ja-a-a-gger, that’s not very nice”, but I can’t help chuckling to myself. How many times have we all done that and not got caught?

Old Stomping Grounds

After turning South onto Highway 89, we once again see the beautiful valleys with surrounding hillsides that we experienced on our first trip through here in 2014 as Vagabonds. “Oh look Jagger, there’s the Bauers Ranch RV Park where we stayed a week while exploring Zion National Park, Paria Ghost Town and Cedar Breaks National Monument.”

Below are a few photos from our 2014 adventure – as usual more photos and stories are included on links here and the More Photos link below.

Traveling a little further we pass the turn off for Zion National Park. Another place in our travel memories together. As we pass Kanab, Utah I tell Jagger; “Did you see that? Jagger, wake up! We are getting close!” as the Arizona sign flies by. Then before you know it we’re here at our first camp in Arizona.

Pulling into the campground stopping at the Host’s site, a nice Host directs us to our campsite. I set up and call it home for the next few days. It’s not as secluded as I would’ve anticipated, like you find at most National Forest Campgrounds. Tomorrow we’ll be going to the North Rim. I’ve already decided Jagger will be ridin’ along with me. “That’s right, I’m taking you with me this time, Jagger” The weather has cooled down a little bit. If I walk to a viewpoint or point of interest where Jagger most likely won’t be allowed, he’ll be fine in the Workhorse. Till tomorrow..

Safe travels…Gary

More Photos: Zion National Park, Red Canyon

Campground Review: Red Canyon Campground



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