A Disappointing Sunset?

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Our Camp at Jacob Lake Campground

“Jagger, let’s stay around camp this morning.” He looks at me with that knowing look, which probably translates to “Where is my breakfast?” Once our bellies were full and Jagger was satisfied that all of my chores had been completed (he’s such a stickler about our morning routine) we meandered around the desolate camp.

Tomorrow we are heading out for the Flagstaff area to camp in the forest. It will be my second Boondock camp, but my first in the National Forest. I’m meeting up with John and John (my fellow travelers), who are ready and waiting. They sent me the GPS coordinates so I can find them. What did RVer’s do before our GPS units and Google was developed? It was a different world for sure. I will need to vacuum and mop before we head out. Jagger suggested I use a leaf blower instead but I think it’s a little excessive.

More Exploring the North Rim

After lunch I tell Jagger, “Let’s load up buddy, we’ve got a new part of the forest to introduce you to.” He gets all excited and ready to go at the sign of me putting on my hat. “Trees! I love trees! Let’s go see the trees!” Out the door we go and mount up in the Workhorse. Gettin’ on down the highway, already enjoying the forest as each tree passes by our windows. Jagger seems dizzy after watching every tree pass. He eventually finds his spot in the back and lays down for the remainder of drive to the entry gate of The Grand Canyon – North Rim.

We spend the rest of the day again exploring trailheads and turnouts that we missed yesterday. I even stopped at the lodge, a very nice one I might add. I’ll bet it costs a fortune to stay here.  As I wander around the lodge I notice they are setting up for dinner in the dining room. On the way back to the truck I check out the grounds around the cabins you can rent. Once back at the truck, I give Jagger a pet, “Are we at the trees yet? I wanna see the trees!” Jagger wonders.

Disappointment to Rejoicing

As the Sun starts to lower I head to the furthest end of the park. My goal is to watch and photograph the canyon walls as the Sun sets today. I park at Cape Royal viewpoint and leave Jagger in the truck. “Trees? Where are you going? Are you getting the trees? Ok.. I’ll just wait here..” Jagger whines as I shut the door. I will be gone for at least a half an hour as I hike out to the furthest point to take some photos.

Once there, I notice that the lighting will not be a good one to photograph the sunset. I’m disappointed. I had made plans to catch up with two couples that I met earlier in the afternoon. One from Germany and the other from Kansas. I hung out for about thirty minutes, then before sunset, decide to leave after capturing a few photos. As I’m headed back to the Workhorse I introduce the couples and they seem to hit it off.

When arriving back at the Workhorse I check on Jagger and take him for a walk around the rather large parking area. It’s there that I see the sign pointing to the Wedding Point Picnic Area. After our walk I take Jagger back to the truck and leave him once again.

I go down the path to the canyon’s edge and work my way across the rim, trying to find a good spot to get some shots. This area juts out into the canyon giving me a view of the Sun’s reflection looking to the cliffs in the East. No one’s here, they’re back on the point where the sunset, I’m sure, is less breathtaking than they expect.

Just when I find a good spot, I notice someone beat me to it. They’re friendly and we strike up a conversation. I learn their names are Mark and Katrina, a young couple from San Diego, California. They were setting up a camp stove to fix dinner and I see a bottle of wine sitting on a rock nearby. I’m sure it was meant to be a romantic dinner, but now there is a third person at the party.

Katrina is taking photos too, so we exchanged ideas for shots. She offers to take a photo of me and in return I take several of them. This give all of us the opportunity to have nice pictures for our memories. I grab a few more photos and I wish them a good evening. Then I go back to Jagger in the Workhorse, leaving them with their wonderful view. I however need to get Jagger to the trees.

“Can we get to the trees already?! It’s almost my bedtime.” Jagger reminds me. “Headin’ there now, pardner.”

Safe travels…Gary and Jagger.

More Photos: Grand Canyon NP North Rim

[alert-warning]This will be the first year since I started Vagabonding, that I was able to post each adventure that Jagger and I experienced. I still have a ways to go, but since we’re wintering here in Arizona we aren’t adventuring much. The blog above was written from my journal and photos from September 2016.[/alert-warning]

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