Coffee’s On The Stove

[one_fifth][/one_fifth]I open the window shades as my coffee percolates in the classic Farberware stainless percolator that I purchased a few months before going “Full Time”.

I knew there would be times, while dry camping or boondocking, that I would need an alternative to my electric drip coffee maker. As I am waiting for the coffee to finish, the aroma permeates the Coach. There is something relaxing about the morning ritual, boiling coffee similar to the way it has been done for hundreds of years.

Sitting at my table looking out the picture window, watching several elks visiting the Coach just outside nibbling on what, I don’t know.

Visitor Before Breakfast

I snap a few pictures that turn out blurry because the sun is still buried in the tall pine trees behind the horizon, but you can see how close the elks ventured. Almost arms length away.

When the coffee was ready I pour my first cup and sat there sipping it, mesmerized as the forest begins to lighten and come to life. This is one of my favorite times of the day.

20161001_132116 Jagger and I are going to be venturing out into civilization today. I had mentioned in my last post that my grandson was competing in a Cross Country race at his school. He is the one that has the same birthday as mine.

Most of the morning we take it easy, since this is the day after a travel day. As such, we lay low and “de-stress”. Once our bellies are full from lunch, Jagger and I head out. The drive to the school hosting the track meet is about two hours down the hill into the Phoenix area. As we drive smoothly down the steep hills, it seems like you can see forever on this warm, sunny day.

We arrive at the school just as Aiden’s bus pulls in the drive, unloading the excited participants. I think he was a little surprised to see me there waiting for him. After a warm welcome he scurried away to warm up before the race started. It was wonderful to see him run with his friends and classmates. It brought back many memories not only from my childhood, but his Mom and Uncles. I took a few pictures I shared below. As you can see, Aiden was gifted with his long legs. He is about a head taller than the rest of the 6th grade class.

After the meet Jagger and I went to my daughter’s house where Jagger had a meeting of his own. He has been looking forward to this day for quite some time now. He got to play with one of their dogs, a Blue Heeler named Jax, while we went out for a bite to eat.

Jagger and I couldn’t stay too late as we had a two hour drive back to camp and we would already be arriving after dark. You know how dark it is in the forest at night. We will be preparing for guests in the morning! Tomorrow, Janessa is bringing Aiden and two of his friends to our camp for the weekend to celebrate birthdays. The boys will be camping in a tent by themselves, just outside the Coach. I’m really looking forward to that! Be ready for a great story on my next blog, it was an eventful weekend to say the least!

Safe Travels…Gary



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    • Yes, I camped in the Payson area for a month before descending into Mesa for two months. I avoided the really hot time. Good to hear from You. Are you still sailing? South America?


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