What’s ‘The Hold Up’?!

John's CampI was secretly watching my Papa finish his breakfast when I heard Tennessee comin’ down the trail. I have already taken note of the way his van sounds so I was positive it was him. I jumped up from my place and leaped into my higher place Papa now lets me sit in. Once allowed, it made sense why my Papa and Janessa like these spots. You get the first look at who is headed our way from this spot!  Unfortunately I was too busy keeping my Papa’s paws warm to watch where Tennessee was off to, so I hopped back down and waited for crumbs. I look forward to hearing about his adventure once I can get Papa rounded up.

20141009_093910I try my best to stay still, waiting for my special word. I watch carefully as my Papa goes down the steps, “Free!” I lunge out of the Coach, gripping the gravel and dirt under my paws. I dart to the right, then to the left, finally turning around to make eyes at my Papa. I put my front low to the dirt, getting in my “Ready” stance, waiting for him to throw my tennis ball. Yep! You heard correctly, I finally remembered to locate my tennis ball! 

It’s a sunny, but cool morning and the Sun is still low in the horizon. I can smell the desert coyotes were here last night and maybe that old dog from the camp down the way. There are so many smells to take in this morning! I run around for a bit trying to take note of these smells when movement catches my attention. It’s John coming out of his Coach! Should I? Running FreeI know I’m not supposed to but I can’t help myself….I make a run for it as I hear my Papa speaking sternly to me, “Jagger, STOP, Jagger STOP!” I hesitate but keep running, he’s gonna be mad at me when he arrives but Tennessee’s pets are so worth it! I greet Tennessee while trying to catch my breath, “Hi Tennessee! Could you put in a few good words once my Papa catches up? I have a feeling he’s going to be a little upset with me.” I hope he understands ‘Dog”…

The hold-up at Pilot

Once Papa gets here Tennessee immediately starts to talk about something not related to me. He’s good at redirection and apparently understood my request. It seems like they never stop.. talk, talk, talk.. no running or playing. I settle down at my Papa’s feet while they visit hoping he forgot about me disobeying. Wait? What is Tennessee saying? Something about a “hold-up”? Anyone know what a hold-up is? I perk my ears up to listen in a little more..

Flying J Erhenburg Az “I was just standing in line with my cup of fresh brewed coffee, minding my own business, waiting for my turn to pay. When this guy comes up to the counter, where several employees were busily taking customer’s money for the goodies they purchased. The closest employee looks at him and questions who he is as he slips behind the counter. Before I knew it, he quickly pulls out a handgun pointing it at the cashier. ‘Give me all your money!’ Then before two heartbeats, five more guns appear, being held by the brave young truckers waiting in lines all across the store to pay. It couldn’t have been more perfect, as if they had practiced the move for weeks! Several truckers said, ‘Put your gun down or you will regret this day for the short remainder of your life.’ The man slowly lowered his gun and the manager called the sheriff. Whew! I was glad that was over.”

39-IMG_0027After Tennessee finished sharing the exciting events of his morning, my Papa and I  turned back for the Coach. Papa spent a few minutes adding to the pile of rocks he has been collecting recently. I’m not sure what he’s doing but usually when burying something special you don’t do it right where everyone can see it! These humans need a lesson in burying! Although I do like that all of the rocks are together and not spread out everywhere. It makes me happy, and my Papa seems a little happier too.

That evening my Papa asked me if I wanted to go for a ride in the Workhorse with John. Are you kidding?! I always want to go, anywhere he’s going! Soon after we started down the trail another familiar scent hit my nose confirming where we had arrived. We pulled into our favorite fast food restaurant, Del Taco located in something called “Blythe”. Sounds too much like ‘Bath’ to me.. I’m not sure I like it there yet. 

I jumped up on the back seat ready to receive my drive-thru treat. I watched contently as the guys ate their dinner, enjoying the smell of tacos and french fries. Another exciting day shared with my papa, and another day closer to the day we meet up with Aiden and Seth.

Rover ‘n out..




2 replies

  1. Be safe Jagger. We love you and wouldn’t want anything to happen to you. Love your photo. And love your posts. Safe travels to you and your papa.


  2. Maybe by this coming winter I will understand “Dog speak” better Jagger! But you need to get better control of you just running across the road when you hear/see me out!! If something was to happen Papa and I and all your other friends would be heartbroken….I always enjoy seeing you, but we all want you to be safe! You work on listening to Papas commands OK?


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