A Plan is Afoot

The Plan

This Spring, which is only a few short weeks away, Jagger and I will blaze the trail to our beloved Montana home. However, we will be taking the scenic route up the California and Oregon coasts.

Our first stop will be in Southern California to visit my youngest Son and Daughter-in-law. Our next stop will be Santa Barbara and the wine country. Morro Bay and Hearst Castle next and then further North to the Santa Cruz area. There one of my friends of many years will join the fun as we continue North. It’s been several years since I have seen Sydney. Recently she has been on her own adventure sailing the seas.

Beach (Snake River) Hood Park Washington

Upon arrival at the massive Columbia River, we will head East along the river returning to a camp where Jagger and I spent a week last summer, Hood Park in Washington. From there we will pick up two of my grandsons, who are flying up to visit their grandma who lives in the area. Sydney will then fly back to Santa Cruz and my grandsons will join Jagger and my expedition for the summer. It will be a journey of a lifetime through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and finally back to their home in Arizona, right on time for school to start on August 2nd.

Saying so long to friends

Today Jagger and I continue hangin’ our hats in the desert of Arizona, camped next to John (Tennessee) and a few other neighbors. This is our chance to save a little money for our summer adventure.

It’s beautiful here! What better place to wrap up our Winter experience. Jagger is loving the freedom, roamin’ the range. Now that it is warming up I’m watching for rattlers and of course for coyotes when its eatin’ time. We don’t go out much at night, a beautiful sky full of stars, but a little spooky by yourself, especially when the coyotes are a hollerin’.

On our last trip back from the waste dump before we leave on our spring adventure, I notice the dirt and gravel road seems to be getting worse. Probably due to the wind and rain we’ve had recently. Along with the heat spells that followed. Moving slowly I turn off the main gravel road going towards our camp and onto a dusty trail. My eyes reach out to the horizon, locking on John’s camp. He’s been holdin’ down the fort while Jagger and I were gone.

As evening approaches the wind continues to batter the Coach. The weather service is calling for 30 mph winds and rain again tonight. As the sun sets once again, Jagger and I spend the evening with John, soaking in the sunset’s beauty. Tomorrow should clear up, giving us the opportunity to prepare the Coach and Workhorse for our Spring and Summer travels. “Rest up Jagger, we’re gonna have our hands full!”

Safe Travels…Gary and Jagger

More Photos: Ehrenberg Arizona

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