Moving On To California

This morning Jagger & I woke to clear desert skies. My first task after my morning coffee is to finish packing the rest of our toys in preparation for our move West and the Spring adventure up the coast of California and Oregon. We’ve enjoyed our stay boondocking in Ehrenberg, Arizona, but now we have a travel goal and the clock is ticking.

Saying so long to friends

Saying so long to our friend

Later in the morning with the Coach packed and hitched up to the Workhorse, Jagger and I say goodbye to our friend John (Tennessee) and get in the Workhorse. Once again in the saddle, “Wagons Ho” and off we go down the dusty trail, turning on Interstate 10 West. Our next stop a short four hours away is Jojoba Hill RV Resort in Aguanga, California.

Packing the Coach for a Move


When we arrive in Aguanga, the temps are in the upper 80’s and I have to make a decision. We will only be here a few days, but Jagger will spending some alone time in our Coach while I’m away for a few visits with my family who live in the area. I decide to spend a little extra money and get hooked up so I can run the AC, I’m sure he will appreciate it.

Home for five nights – Jojoba Hills RV Park

For those not familiar with the Escapee Club program, you pay an annual fee to belong to the “club” and that gives you a few resources to programs, including the ability to stay at affiliated RV Parks. It’s similar to Good Sam and other discount clubs, but the affiliated parks are mostly privately owned sites by individuals. Jojoba is my first stay with the Escapee membership and it turns out to be very nice. If I would have chosen not to have hook ups, the area for “dry camping” is very nice too and I think it was only $7 per night. Where we stayed was a reasonable $29 per night and the campsite is full service with all the amenities.

By the time we set up our camp the sun was starting to ride low in the sky. Jagger and I take a drive to the nearest Wendy’s restaurant. A little disappointed, Jagger stays in the Workhorse and I go in to relax in the dining room while having dinner. When finished, we head back to the Coach for a quiet night and much needed rest. I’ve mentioned before that moving day, as many times as I’ve done it, is always stressful and tires me out. I think Jagger is the same way, because he settles right down for a rest. Tomorrow I will be meeting my cousin Ken and his wife Teresa for lunch in Temecula.

The morning comes too soon and I wake to another sunny day. Jagger and I go for an early morning hike around the park. It seems that some owners here have really gone all out on their RV sites. We were lucky enough to get one of those sites. I read from a fellow blogger, Toga George, likes to stay here for periods of time. I can see why! The location is in the upper desert so the morning is usually dry and sunny. After our walk, I say goodbye to Jagger and head towards Temecula for lunch at Lucille’s Barbecue.

I haven’t eaten at one of these restaurants in quite some time. Our family and occasionally my coworkers would enjoy one of Lucille’s meals. It was so good to see Ken, Teresa and my Aunt Jean once again. We had a good visit, good eats, and a few good laughs. I could sense Jagger calling for me, it was time to head home. When I opened the door to the Coach I found my little friend patiently waiting. And by patiently I mean jumping for joy.

The final morning hear in Aguanga, California, I wake and have breakfast. Wow didn’t see this coming. I’m experiencing some symptoms of depression today and we’ll be moving from Jojoba Hills to O’Neill park at noon. Don’t know what brought this on. Maybe it’s because I’m once again leaving family and friends and moving on down the road. Almost everything is ready to go and it’s only 10 AM. Fog moved in about twenty minutes ago. I guess this will be the first time I pull the Coach in fog. Visibility is still reasonable.

Miraculously the fog cleared a little before noon so it wasn’t an issue. Our trip to O’Neill was a quiet one, thinking about family and friends as I drove. Once we arrived I nestled the Coach in her place for a two week stay. It’s almost like being home again as we have stayed in the same site for three years now. My Son and Daughter-in-law are only a thirty minute drive away. Also my last sticks and bricks home where I lived for over ten years is a short drive from here.

Safe Travels…Gary and Jagger

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  1. It’s always hard to leave familiar and familial, especially so after a long absence before the current visit. One good thing is the ability to contact our wonderful families and friends online. That helps.


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