Furry Paradise

Jagger and Shasta

Did I mention Jagger is blowing his coat? This is his third season we’ve traveled together and I’ve never seen so much hair and fur! It’s everywhere! I’ve turned everything upside down, vacuuming and cleaning. I get the feeling there are some baby blues burning a hole in the back of my head. I glance out the door and sure enough Jagger is staring in at me, “WHAT?”

Before letting him return to the Coach, I brush him thoroughly and remove another few handfuls of fur. I open the door welcoming him back inside. The cloud of fur following him was not welcome but I didn’t have much of a choice. It reminds me of the Peanuts cartoon character ..what was his name?

When researching for my Sidekick, I knew one of the big negatives of having a dog that sheds a lot.  I also knew having an Aussie was even worse (more than you can imagine). However he more than makes up for it by being a faithful sidekick. To me it’s worth it! But just a warning to those contemplating an Aussie or any other dog for that matter, they are a lot of work. Make sure you have the time you’re willing to share with your furry friend, that’s what makes them a special companion.

Heat Safety for My Sidekick

[alert-note]Jagger and I are together almost 24/7. When we travel in the Workhorse I will only leave him alone for a short time and even then I make sure there’s plenty of water and that all of the windows are partially down. Ideally I also look for shady place to park. I carry sunshades for the front and side windows. I bought the side shades on Amazon. They are a netting material, so they fit over the door and down both sides of the window, leaving open weave fabric to filter the sun, but not blocking any breeze that may blow through. If the temps are above 75 F all bets are off! We go another day.[/alert-note]


Welcome to Paradise

After my visit near my Son’s home in Orange County, California, Jagger and I move once again along the coast to Santa Barbara. Actually, where we are parked is inland a little ways. It’s a place called “Paradise Campground” in one of our National Forests.

Paradise Campground is managed by a concessioner, like most National Forest campgrounds today. Our government has diverted all the maintenance funds to who knows where, and sold the privilege for someone to make a little money managing the campgrounds and facilities. The bad part: the price has doubled in a few short years. The good part: the facilities are showing signs of improvement. It’s good in general, until no one can afford to come to the parks. Most older folks can remember $5 overnight fees, now most are $24. Still a decent deal I guess. Of course the old timers using the “America the Beautiful” Senior Pass, get half off most National Forest campgrounds.

Kiosk Paradise Campground

When we arrive, I once again stopped at the kiosk to check for rules and campground maps, etc. Most camps don’t have a ranger at the gate anymore, just do-it-yourself. When I pulled in I didn’t even see the Host site here. The Host at this small campground, is a one man operation. Since it was the start of the season and a rainy winter had nourished the shaded forest, he was was on the tractor mowing brush around the perimeter of the campground. His campsite was tucked in at the back of the campground.

After seeing me the host, Ron, came over to help me find my site. It was actually right behind me, he hadn’t changed the reservation tags on the posts yet and it was still showing the people who had just left. It was a great site, probably where the Host would usually park. I back up the Coach, sliding her right into our camp for the next week under some fully mature trees. It’s a beautiful campground and very peaceful. Of course we are close to major cities so I expect the campground will fill up over the weekend.

Paradise Campground, California

Exploring The Canyon

My Sidekick Off Leash – Soon to be Running in the Grass

After settling in, Jagger and I take a drive out the canyon. It looks like all the rain this season has done some substantial damage to the day use areas along the canyon streams. Many trees are down and the Forest Service, along with the Vendors, are at work cleaning it up. A few of the small roads are still closed, waiting their turn to be groomed.

I found a small area for Jagger to run around, since the area was deserted. He’s a different dog when he is off leash running through the tall grass. Once back at the truck, I brush him off and check for ticks. He’s good and it seems so am I. We head back to the coach for the night, I’m looking forward to our guests we will have shortly.

Safe Travels…Gary and Jagger


More Photos: Paradise Campground – Santa Barbara

Campground ReviewParadise Campground – Santa Barbara

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  1. Hey, Gary – nice post with some excellent pet advice. Well done!

    BTW, could you share your window shade info re Amazon purchase? Much appreciated.

    Happy Trails!


    • Thanks good hearing from my mentor 😉 Hope your trails are smooth riding. I was going to link to that product and forgot! Could always use the help with the sponsorship of the blog. I’ll update right now.


  2. The name of the Peanuts character you were trying to think of is “PIGPEN”……..Poor Jagger….he can’t help the shedding, he is just a dog after all…..albeit a special one!


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