A Time For Reflection

Keeping the Home Front

Coach and Workhorse – Philipsburg, Mt

It’s amazing to me how much time (and money) it takes to keep my little home on wheels clean and in good repair. Looking back if I was going to fault my preparations for my retired vagabond lifestyle, it would be my budget did not include enough money for repairs and maintenance.  Both the Workhorse and the Coach take a lot of money to keep in top shape.

While I haven’t worked (employed) since my retirement, I may need to start looking into a way to supplement my retirement income as I’m burning through my savings too quickly. While I don’t know how many years I have left to experience this wonderful lifestyle, I don’t want to run out of money just yet. I’m thinking of becoming a camp Host at a National Forest Campground next year. Time will tell, I don’t want to be tied down either! At least not for any length of time.

Coming to Grasps with My Retirement

Paradise Campground, Cailfornia

I still haven’t come completely to grasps with my retirement lifestyle and it’s almost been four years. When preparing myself for retirement I was concerned I would get bored. I tried to image my retirement life in a “sticks and bricks” home and it just didn’t excite me at all. I didn’t want to sit around getting stiff any sooner than I had to for sure and my modest retirement income wouldn’t stretch to cover much travel.  Eventually that’s why I chose my vagabond lifestyle. Having done that it took months before I realized I’m not on vacation, this is my home and life has drastically changed. For me it was a change for the better and as of this post it hasn’t changed. I embrace (most days) with the excitement of change and adventure. I hope that never changes. Do I miss my family and friends? Absolutely. Don’t tell Jagger, but the times I find myself truly lonely, I remember I have a friend who loves me right by my side.

The Routine I Have Fallen Into

Santa Ynez Valley

On an average I go exploring several times a week. Sometimes I just go on a drive or a short hike to take pictures. I’ve enjoyed Photography all my life, so this lifestyle lends itself well for that. On a rare occasion there will be a museum nearby that interests me and I’ll go there or to one of our National Monuments. Most of these trips Jagger gets come with me, but rarely he is left behind in the Coach, where it is safe and cool. The remaining days I run errands, do laundry or work on the Coach or Workhorse as needed. Regular living routines. Of course during the Spring through early Fall I travel. That requires moving to new locations several times every month, sometimes more.

Today is a “combo” day since we’re staying in the beautiful Santa Ynez valley. After breakfast, Jagger and I go for a walk around the campground checking out our new neighbors. The weekend is upon us and of course Jagger was looking for any dogs that needed to be reminded of the park rules. When we reach the back of the campground, we see Ron outside working and he paused to visit with us. (Reminder: Ron is the Host here at Paradise Campground.) After our visit we return to the Coach and prepare to leave. I’m going for a drive with Jagger exploring our new area. New in the fact that I haven’t been here in over ten years. We are on a mission to resupply our groceries. Where we’re camped the closest town is about thirty minutes away and what better experience, driving through the Santa Ynez Valley and the area inland from Santa Barbara to get there and back. On our drive I catch a few photos, when there was a place to stop.

After arriving back at our camp I unload the groceries and do a little more house work, which includes brushing Jagger and vacuuming again. I think we’re ready Jagger. Justin and Caitlen will be here tomorrow.

Safe Travels…Gary and Jagger

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  1. That is the problem with sailing also. Usually, people that buy boats will have maintance equal to the price paid for the boat. And that’s just the first year and even brand new boats!


    • I’d be selling the Coach if maintenance was equal to cost. A few thousand here and there is too much for me. I’ve been following “Gone with the Wynn’s” and “La Vagabond”, both have spent a fortune on there boats and your right the maintenance never ends.


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