The Beach is Calling

Traveling PCH

Jagger and I left our home early in the afternoon. Our destination was the beach to do a little exploring. Our first stop however, was Ace Hardware in Morro Bay. Maybe they might have a generator cover to replace the one that was stolen.

I ask the clerk in the equipment area if they carried them. She wasn’t sure so she looked it up in the computerized inventory, but no not in stock. I will continue to look over the next few days. The only reason I’m trying to replace the Honda generator cover quickly is because it’s been raining much of the time here in the Morro Bay area. Temporarily I have resorted to using a small tarp I have rigged up to cover it when running. I also park under the fifth wheel’s overhang, it helps too as the generator stays in my truck bed. After our unsuccessful stop at Ace Hardware, we move on to the beach.

Visiting the Beach

There are times I miss the beach. I’ve lived at or near the beach for the majority of my life. When I was younger I spent many days laying on the sand, surfing, biking and socializing with my friends. Now that I’ve aged “a little” the beach is attractive for it’s beauty, going for walks along the expanses of sand and enjoying the waves lapping at my feet. I definitely am grounded here somehow.

Today, even with the occasional rain, it’s no disappointment. Jagger and I first stop at the inner harbor where many people are enjoying the day on the beach. Looking past the people I see the tranquility of the waves lapping onto the sand and the seagulls calling to each other while searching for their next meal. As great as the view is, the crowd distracts, not only me but Jagger, so we move on quickly. Not before I grab a few photo’s to share with you.

Quiet Beach with Windsurfing

Downtown Morro Bay

The Workhorse roars to life, then takes us back through the not so quiet, quaint seaside town. Then traveling south, back around the seashore, I come to a pull out overlooking the peaceful harbor. Still not Jagger’s favorite.

Finally we head towards the Morro Bay State Beach and Campground. Just outside the park there is a free spot to park right along a small strip of beach. This turns out to be a great spot for Jagger to splash in the water and he jumps for joy playing tag with the small waves.

There we watch a few guys setting up their gear to “Windsurf”. It looks like they brought a photographer friend to document their feats of courage as they soar over the waves and into the air before coming back down into the water. I also take advantage, grabbing a few shots with my cell phone while scolding myself for not bringing my Canon camera and lens today. What was I thinking? The pics turn out decent. It’s amazing how efficient our phone cameras are today.

Back to Camp Cerro Alto

6-20170411_133759Once we arrive back at camp, Jagger and I go for a late afternoon walk around our camp. Along our short hike we meet a fellow camper, Bill whose wife Faith had recently passed away. We stop and visit for a long time. He shared stories of camping as a family their whole lives together. Mostly in tents, which he was camping in today. As the evening stretched on his two daughters, Nora and Tara arrived back from an afternoon hike. After meeting them Jagger and I gave our best wishes for safe travels and went back to camp. It was time to prepare dinner. Tonight we will rest up for a short travel day tomorrow. San Simeon State Beach is calling with its intrigue. We’ve made camping reservations. More to explore.

Safe Travels…Gary and Jagger

More Photos: Morro Bay


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    • Hi Emjay, and thanks for the travel suggestions. I’m not in real time on my blog at this time. I traveled way too fast this year and just made notes as I traveled, along with taking over a thousand pictures along the way. As a result I’m playing catch up again 😦 sharing my adventures with you all and my future self.

      Those seals are awesome, but for some reason I missed them this year. I did visit them when I was in the area in 2003. Here is the link for a photo I took. It’s amazing how fast they are. When I was there several big guys were fighting.


  1. As always, I love to read about your adventures. Did you let Jagger go into the ocean? Feather has not been to the beach yet. I would like for her to get her feet wet and play at the edges of the ocean. I am a bit leary to let her go in too far. She loves to swim so much, I’m afraid she would swim out too far. Enjoy yourselves and stay safe.


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