Trees Down at New Brighton State Beach

Even a drive to the grocery store is a beautiful trip.

I was ready to move on and asked Jagger if he was too. Of course, I expected no more than a tilt of his head, not a real response. I once again say goodbye to camp along the surf, near the town of San Simeon and the famous Hearst Castle. and we pull out heading for the Dump Station and back on the road North.

Arrive New Brighton State Park

I pull the Workhorse into the New Brighton State Park shortly before Sydney is due to arrive. Like many State and Federal campgrounds nowadays, it’s self-serve. At least there is gatehouse at the entrance to direct us to the general area of our site.

Cliff at New Brighton State Park

This State Park is very large including a campground, day use area and both have access to the beach, or did at one time. As Jagger and I wind around the campground, I see the damage done by the storms we’ve had this last Winter. Many huge trees lay on the ground, waiting to be cut up and hauled away. The stairs and foot trail that cut through the cliff to the beach below lay in ruins, washed out and blocked off by wire fencing. Getting down there now is a very long walk back through the Day Use area.

The paved road I’m on turns sharply to the left and continues to the end of the campground area. Just before the main road, I see our site just off to the left in some mature trees. I decide to get out and walk it before backing in because I notice some deep tire tracks in the mud where the last camper pulled out. While the site is very private surrounded by trees, it’s very muddy from all the rain and lack of Sun. This presents two problems, the muddy ground that won’t be drying out anytime soon and the shade that won’t allow the Solar Panels to work effectively. I pick a solid place, the best I can find and back the Coach slowly into place. It’s a rather tight turn, but after several attempts, I unhitch the Coach and call it home for the next five nights.

Camp Setup

Soon after unpacking most of the outside equipment and setting up the inside of our little home, Sydney pulls up in a stylish black Ram 2500 Diesel 4 x 4 that’s almost the sister to my truck. One of her friends was kind enough to drop her off at our camp. Sydney lives nearby so the drive wasn’t far for her friend. One of the reasons we chose this location to meet up was the proximity to her home. Over the next month, we will be traveling together as we head up the coast to Oregon. There two of my Grandchildren will meet us after spending a week with their Grandma. Sydney will then fly back home.

Sydney greets me and introduces me to her friend. We visit with her friend on the quiet campground road while the Ram diesel engine rumbles in the background begging to be put to work. Her friend needs to get back so we say our goodbyes, then pulls away leaving us standing just outside our campsite on the campground access road.

Settling In

I help Sydney with her luggage over to the Coach and reach for the door. I hear Jagger bouncing off the walls with excitement ready to pounce on the first person in the door. Oh wait a minute Sydney, let me put Jagger in the bedroom. He seems to do better after our company has been here for a while. Sydney says, “okay” and waits. I go up the steps and grab a very excited puppy. “Jagger, bedroom” and he complies going into the small bedroom in the nose of our small home and I close the door. “Okay, Sydney come on in.” After she relaxes a few moments, I show her the two cabinets I have cleaned out for my grandkids. “You can use these cabinets for your clothes and personal items”. She then unpacks and settles into our home for the next month. It feels good to have some human company for a change I think to myself. (sorry Jagger)

After a short visit, I let Jagger out of the bedroom with some reservations. I still don’t feel confident of his interaction with people and he has very little of it for that reason. It’s a training and socializing thing. I need to feel comfortable and so does he, but because I don’t he doesn’t. Does that make any sense at all? Sydney has interacted with Jagger before when she stayed with us at Lake Tahoe last year. If you remember, Sydney met us on our Eastern California trip North last year.

We visit into the evening getting caught up on our life drama. (She follows us here on the blog so she knows about most of our travels, but I can’t share everything here.) We have dinner and call it a day. Tomorrow she wants to find a used bike to ride for the next month on our journey. So in the morning, she will research on Craigslist and if she finds one we’ll go check it out on our drive into Santa Cruz for the day.

Safe Travels…Gary and Jagger

More Photos: New Brighton


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