After the Purchase On A Clear Day

Jagger in the Workhorse - Waiting outside Lake Pleasant Entrance

Jagger in the Workhorse – Waiting outside Lake Pleasant Entrance

My last post “Should I Continue Full Time” brought some great comments that I appreciated very much. I read each comment several times. They were full of affirmation of my own thoughts, along with some good ideas that I hadn’t thought about. While I’m still in evaluation mode and probably will be for months, the depression of many rainy days has mellowed out on this beautiful day.

One thing I do know is I love this travel-adventure lifestyle. Something I have never been able to afford or experience has been a success as far as I’m concerned. I plan on continuing for the next year enjoying the time while looking for ways to supplement or stretch my retirement savings. This time next year I will re-visit my thoughts again, deciding if I need to make more changes. Thanks again for the support and great suggestions. 

After The Purchase (Continued from last week)

Sydney, Jagger and I rode a short distance in the Workhorse from the location where the bike purchase was made, to the beach in Santa Cruz. There we get out to walk along the cliff above the Pacific Ocean and the view below. There were a number of visitors here today and it seemed like many had their dogs with them as they walked on the narrow sidewalk, admiring the ocean. Jagger did get to walk a little along the “boardwalk” with Sydney and I remained in the truck. It was an experiment, attempting to see if Jagger behaved himself better when I wasn’t with him. While he did somewhat better, he still had a rough time dealing with any closeness of other dogs, not so much with people. As a result, he again spent most of the time in our Workhorse, under a big tree on a mostly cool, clear day.

The Lighthouse

2-20170423 SantaCruz (28)Our main destination today was the “Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse”. As we walked out the point, I notice there are several surfers out today enjoying the waves. What a beautiful day this has turned into from the rainy start we had the morning. There is a lot of history here in Santa Cruz. Surfing was originally introduced in 1885 by three Hawaiian princes who surfed the mouth of the San Lorenzo River on plank boards, from that time on surfing won the heart of this town on the Pacific Ocean.

20170423 SantaCruz (19)We continue on our walk passing a plaque that was dedicated to the princes: David KawānanakoaEdward Abnel Keliʻiahonui, and Jonah Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole in April 2010. The “Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse” is physically located at Lighthouse Point on West Cliff Drive. Inside is the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum that opened its doors in June 1986 as the first surfing museum in the world. The lighthouse was built in 1967 as a memorial to surfer Mark Abbott, who died while surfing at the nearby Pleasure Point surf break. Arriving at the museum, we peek inside. Overlooking the Steamer Lane surfing hot spot, this little museum features photographs, surfboards, and videos tracing over 100 years of surfing history in Santa Cruz. After funding cuts in 2009, the Santa Cruz Surfing Club Preservation Society and private donations kept the museum open. Outside there are quite a few people milling about the overlook there on the cliff by the lighthouse. We become part of the group. snapping a few pictures of the waves pounding the shore and the surfers sitting on their boards, waiting for the next good set of waves.

Back to a Happy Pup

After our short walk, we arrive back at the Workhorse, but not before grabbing an ice cream at a small tourist shop across the street from the Workhorse. On our arrival, we are greeted by an excited Jagger and take him for short walk where we pass a couple of artists expressing their feeling of the day on canvas.

What a great day after all the rain we’ve had the last few days. Arriving at our home base here at New Brighton State Beach we prepare for dinner and talk about what’s to come as we move North. After dinner, Sydney and I take Jagger for a short walk around camp as the Sun sets on another day.

Safe Travels…Gary and Jagger

More Photos: New Brighton State Beach – Santa Cruz

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