Jagger’s Tale – Can’t Find Her Shoes

IMG_20170617_163407Howdy trail partners. I haven’t shared my ground view perspective on our blog in a long time and after Tennessee left me a nice comment, that I earned treats for recently, I thought I would whine in once again.


Teasing My Friend Sydney

Morning TV

Morning TV

I tried to be still this morning in anticipation, as I waited for my Papa and Sydney to stir. “They’re wasting my day!” I thought to myself as I started to lose control of my hindquarters. Uh oh.. I gave my tail “the look” like papa gives me when I am doing something I shouldn’t be. However, it didn’t work as well as it does when he does it. I pop up, full of energy, and place my head on papa’s bed. I let out another uncontrolled sigh, eager for my papa to start our day. He slowly started moving. I watched him with anticipation. It worked!! “Ok, ok Jagger. Let’s do it.” After getting up, He went about the regular morning activities, making that dark water putting it into a bowl and lapping it up.

It wasn’t long before our company, Sydney, started moving around and waking up. I had to snicker to myself, how could anyone sleep with all the racket my Papa was making. I felt rambunctious and jumped up on Sydney’s bed. As she wakes and sits up, I took the opportunity to sit on her pillow showing her how much I love her. I guess she didn’t think so and told me; “Jagger move, that’s gross”, as she laughed at me while trying to get me to move. Oh, it’s a game, I like to play this one. I began to jump up and down excitedly. Sydney then laughs at me and continues trying to get me to move. I love this early morning fun.

Ready to go

Ready to go

I sit patiently by the Coach’s door while they continued getting ready. I think we are going to walk down to the beach this morning. I see Sydney go into the other room and I see another fun opportunity. I see her unprotected property, her shoes. That makes them free game for more play!  I slowly meander over to her shoes and hide them by laying down on them. Just a few minutes later Sydney comes out and looks around and says “I can’t find my shoes, they were right here”. I couldn’t help it, getting a smirk on my face. It’s then that Sydney exclaims; “J-A-G-G-E-R, did you hide my shoes”? I slowly get up, prance around showing my pride in fooling her once again. “You stinker!”, she says while we all get a laugh out of it and finish getting ready for our walk.

Beach Walk

Camp View

Camp View

We leave the protection of the Coach and walk through the campground towards the beach trail. It’s not far away and I haven’t got to run on the beach hear ever! Reaching the end of the camp road we approach the trail and stop. What? Papa and Sydney speak and then she continues without us out the trail under PCH, out to the black sand beach. I lower my head and wonder why. Papa and I continue our walk around the campground, eventually ending back at our Coach. I hear my Papa saying the trail is very narrow so he can’t take me to the beach at this location. Meeting another dog coming back could be trouble for me and there is nowhere to escape the closeness. Also, the black sand could cut my paws. I’m very sad now, but I know my Papa watches out for me.

Sydney is gone for a while. I’m sure she is enjoying the walk of solitude along the beautiful beach. When she returns my Papa asks if I want to go for a ride in the Workhorse. I think he’s teasing me because I love to ride anywhere with him. We load up and drive for a while before I smell something familiar, wahoo my behind starts to shake frantically, Papa has brought me to a big place where I can run. I think he told Sydney it was called Gold Beach. Here I can run and play chasing the waves, charging Sydney and Papa making them move out of the way. After all, I am a herding dog. What more could a dog want?

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Rover ‘n out … Jagger


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  1. Good story Jaggger. I miss our time together, even though you ARE a stinker! I’m in Mexico and I have run into many of your cousins here. I think you would like it here in Mexico. There are many beaches to run on and you could even go in the water because it is so warm. Please take care of your Papa and say “Hi” to him for me.


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