A Walk with the Dinosauers

Camp Humbug Mountain State Park

Camp Humbug Mountain State Park

It’s our last day here at Humbug Mountain State Park and while we’ve been to most of the places and seen most of the things we wanted to see, there are still a few we won’t be able to visit this trip. Today we will be seeing the Prehistoric Gardens that we’ve passed many times during our visit here.


The day starts as a somewhat lazy, drizzly day. Jagger and I went for a walk around camp while Sydney was getting ready. Each day we’ve managed to walk around camp checking out the new neighbors, their rigs, enjoying the beautiful scenery and most often going to the beach. Of course, Jagger didn’t make the beach as he complained about openly in his post recently. We also rode our bikes around the campground a few times. One of the great features here is the paved road around our camp and beyond, which makes it a great place for a bike ride. I must say riding with a partner is much more enjoyable than by yourself. It reminded me of the bike rides Sydney enjoyed in our younger lives while living in Huntington Beach.

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Back at the Coach, I said to Sydney; “Let’s go into Port Orford today. We could check out what’s left to see before moving on tomorrow.” That said we all jump into the Workhorse and off we go. While our visit to the US Coast Guard museum was mostly walking around the grounds, Jagger did get to go and of course, anytime he is included he struts around like a proud peacock.

IMG_0002.JPGAfter our visit, Sydney mentioned, “she would like to see how far it was down the cliff to the ocean”. “I’ll bow out of this one Sydney. “I don’t want to fight with Jagger on that narrow trail.” Especially noting a number of cars parked at the trail-head and I’ve heard dogs barking.

So Jagger and I stay near the truck taking a short walk in the park area while Sydney 8-IMG_0011takes off down one of the trails. When Sydney returned, we drove back to camp and left Jagger at the Coach. Our last destination wouldn’t allow dogs.

We mentioned stopping at the Prehistoric Gardens along Highway 101 halfway between Gold Beach and Port Orford. It’s not far from our camp.

When arriving we learn the entrance fee is $10 each.  There is a small visitor center with souvenirs at the park entrance.  There we learned this is a private park owned and operated by the family of the late E.V. “Ernie” Nelson. A few of the people working here are family and have worked most of their life maintaining the grounds.

The collection of the life-size sculptures he created is quite impressive.  A few comments on the internet have labeled them as cheesy, but in my opinion, they are realistic sculptures built to scale and the setting is in an actual rainforest. This sets off the experience. While wandering around I found myself imagining what it would be like back in a prehistoric world, there in the forest. This would be a great educational experience for children. We spent probably an hour here, before heading back to camp. Time for laundry again and tonight will be our last dinner here before moving on to Tillicum Beach State Park.

Ok, Laundry Day Again!

Safe Travels…Gary and Jagger

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