Saying Goodbye

I woke excited today, but as I leave my Son’s house there’s no one home and expected sadness has entered my thoughts. The last two months, while healthwise it has been painful, I’ve created many good memories spending time with my family. While everyone has expectations from life, my family has far exceeded mine while caring for me.

I load up the last few articles to take back to the Coach, which is in storage and finally an excited Jagger charges into our Workhorse. I then say goodbye to Phoebe, my Son’s German Sheppard, lock the door and pull away. The first stop will be a Cardiologist here in the area. I’m following up with some tests that were run while in the hospital. During my appointment, he said that he would like to run some more tests, ugh. I have that in my future when I return. At least my back is feeling better, not 100% but it may be my new normal.

I go back out to the Workhorse waiting patiently in the early afternoon sun. Jagger who is inside is not so patient! Then we’re off to the Fort McDowell area to pick up the Coach from storage where she’s patiently waited for two months.

Jagger is excited to be on the road again

On arriving at the storage facility, I move the items I brought over to the Coach. Then I hitch her up to the Workhorse and away we go. On the road again. Our next stop will be the RV repair shop. Last Fall while visiting nearby Payson, Arizona, our Bedroom Slide gave its last breath and remained closed. Brian who diagnosed the problem had ordered the parts from Lippert, but the parts were on back order. By the time they had received them I had moved on and was staying down the hill about one and a half hours in Mesa, Arizona. Before planning our escape from that camp my back compression fracture happened. Anyway, today I move the Coach back up the hill to “On The Road Again RV” repair Payson, Arizona. The night before our appointment we will be camping at the Houston Mesa Campground right in town.

With our drive completed, we pull into camp before 4 pm and the crew gives a sigh. We’ll be hitting the sack early tonight with a big day tomorrow. Little do I know how big.

Safe Travels…Gary and Jagger

With Sadness We Say Goodbye


It is with sadness we say goodbye to one of our family pets. Bruiser lived a long healthy life, starring in a movie “Wiener Dog Nationals”, one of many of his life accomplishments. Of course being a friend and companion to his family was his primary accomplishment, one he did with gusto!

RIP Bruiser…


Interview with Canine Caviar: Interview

Quote from my Daughter:

Wiener Dog Nationals Premiere Newport Beach California

Around this time 14 years ago was the beginning of the best part of my life. I carried this sweet little boy home as the first addition to my pack. He was perfect in every way and brought news that I would give birth to his best friend shortly after. I truly believe that he was a special gift from God that I couldn’t have made it without. Bruiser was always by my side, ready for the challenge. He showed unconditional love when it was needed the most, sometimes only sitting quietly next to us, extending the peace we so desperately needed. He was the first to jump before us, standing up to a Goliath only to ensure our safety. Our story together was an adventure, full of more than I could’ve ever imagined. My heart is broken having to say goodbye. The strength and courage it took to provide his peace could’ve only been taught by Bruiser himself.

I will think of you often and look forward to our next adventure in heaven.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Bruiser’s memory, that was very sweet. Bruiser and I had a lot of fun doing the Canine Caviar Interview with Brenda and Gracie Roche, the main star of the movie which also happened to be Bruiser’s girlfriend. The picture you shared was actually from the other Premiere we were invited to in Irvine, CA for the Special Olympics. All of the athletes were so excited to hang with Bruiser, and take pictures with all of them. So many great memories ❤


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